Monday, October 04, 2010

Some Days It Just Ain't Worth Gettin' Out Of Bed, Volume 327

So Linda Lou got out of bed into either her wheelchair or the bedside commode and she done sprang a leak. Hilarity ensued when the noticed a puddle of blood on the floor. Some of the hospital staff ran in clockwise circles, some in counterclockwise while a smaller group waved their arms.

The upshot is that she is now totally confined to the bed, until further notice. Meanwhile, a couple of days later, the Physician's Assistant comes in and tells Linda Lou that her latest bloodwork now shows that she is slightly anemic. Well, yeah! The iron that was in her blood was in a pool on the floor. Medics are supposed to be smart. I guess this is why the Texas concealed carry law exempts hospitals. Although I I really wanted to shoot up the hospital I'm not sure that breaking one more law would stop me. Lucky for them I'm a peaceable sort.

In other wonderful news, the 11th grandchild will not be coming in April. While it's always sad to lose a baby, Robin and Meleah have four boys already. While they, and we, were hoping that this time they get a girl, if He says that four is plenty, well, okay. The pics athe the top are some from a couple of years ago of the four they already have. There are newer ones, I just don't want to take the time to find them right now because it's time to get moving.

Today's big adventure is a visit with my Neurologist, followed by a visit with Linda Lou and then the Great Supermarket Adventure. I can remember when I had an interesting job, sometimes even exciting. Of course that excitement has much to do with the fact that I can't walk a block without my sciatica kicking up.

Oh well, time for breakfast. I'm having a Marie Callender chicken pot pie. hey, the good news about bein' a temporary bachelor is that I can eat the stuff I like, when I like. Right? Right?

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