Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Crazy Talk

Well I see that the news is not about the economy sinking like a lead canoe, nor is it about Congress looking like it will swing hard right after the election. It's not even about The President's polls reaching, in less than two years, numbers that look like what it took the media seven years to give George Bush.

No, the big news is that some one fifth to one quarter of the population thinks Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim.

Naturally, the media types say that this makes the population stupid. Sure. I mean, someone who called himself Barry until after college now calls himself Barack. Sure the guy had a Muslim father and, according to the rules of Islam, that makes him one too. Silly things like when he was in that school in Indonesia, the paperwork had him as a Muslim and that his stepfather was Muslim, why should anyone think any of that makes him a Muslim. That's just crazy talk.

Next some percentage of the population might think that someone named Francis Terrence O'Callahan might be Catholic. Just crazy talk.

In other odd news the New York Times had this editorial out about Tom DeLay finally being cleared of all federal charges. In it they comment that he was only cleared because lawmakers had not made his actions illegal. Well, duh. That has got to be one of the silliest thing I've ever seen. Well, yeah, NYT, and the only reason it's legal for you numb skulls to breathe air is the lawmakers haven't made it illegal for you to do so. No, New York Times, the reason DeLay has been cleared of federal charges is that he followed the laws as they were written. If the laws had been written differently he would have followed them as they were written then. Now they have not yet made it illegal to be a Republican, as much as the NYT would like that. Idiots.

I've been remiss in posting lately, I've been doing a little extra reading. In addition to my "regular" reading and the internet reading, I have just got a CD ROM from Handloader Magazine called The Art of Bullet Casting. This six hundred page tome on a CD-ROM is keeping me busy. I swear, though, some of it carries less knowledge than Joe Schmoe the handloader. Oh well, I am learning something, even though much of the "book" is about loading for cartridges I will never own, nor have I any interest in owning, even if I won the lottery. I doubt I'll win the lottery, too, considering that I don't buy tickets.

Anyhow, I'm around, just busy.

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