Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barnaby Jones Pickles, RIP

I got online and, in addition to the current Washington regime trying to wreck the whole country I discovered heartbreak in the Texas Hill Country. Jenny the Bloggess lost her Pug, Barnaby Jones.

I doubt that Jenny and her lovely daughter Hailey has ever heard of me. I only hope that when Barnaby got to The Bridge that Captain Fatbob, The Black Pug of Doom and Ming the Merciless, our grumpy old lady Pug were there to greet him and show him where the special stash of treats is.

I hope that Jenny and her husband, Victor take their Hailey and get another dog soon. Yes, losing a dog is heartbreaking. I know. Yet, not having that little (or sometimes not so little) four footed bundle of absolute love and devotion is even more heartbreaking.

Goodbye, Barnaby Jones Pickles. I never met you in this life but, when I go I'll have a big bag of treats with me. Keep an eye on my dogs and follow them, I'll have a little something for you, too.

I see that, as usual, my Blog-fu is not good enough to link to that post. Just type in The Bloggess and you'll get there.

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