Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why I Am A Sort Of Birther

Every few days I still see a little blurb somewhere saying how much better we all, especially conservatives, would be if no one was a "birther". The sophisticated view is that only those with an IQ under 80 or so would like to see the un-redacted, complete birth certificate of Barry Obama.

Sorry, the birth certificate is only part of it. I wanted to know during the election, and still want to know, a whole lot about this man that is a secret. The man spent a whole slew of money in court getting judges to say we had no right to see this birth certificate. Why? My certified copy cost twenty dollars, I needed it when, a few decades ago, I lost my wallet. I had to get a new drivers license and for some reason I couldn't find my original BC. So, why did the man spend so much money to avoid showing a twenty dollar document? Next question: Whose money was it?

For that matter, should a person have to prove his qualifications for the job? Much was made of the "gentleman's C" grades that Bush got, mostly by people trying to say that Gore and Kerry are smart, yet Bush showed his transcripts. Why did Obama refuse?

How did Obama get to "Pockistan" at a time when the State Dept. had a travel advisory against Americans going there? How did he pay for the trip at a time when, according to his "autobiography" he could not afford a cab ride?

There are several other questions of this sort. The most important question is how, almost two years after the election, do we not have the answers to these. The New York times manages to publish top secret national security information but they can't even find out who paid for Obama's trip to Pakistan? No wonder the media is going broke.

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