Saturday, August 28, 2010

General Quarters, General Quarters! This Is No Drill! All Hands Man Your Battle Stations!

The Obama Administration seems to be totally suicidal. The EPA is now considering banning lead ammunition. Even dumber, they have opened comments on the scheme, comments closing on October 31. The election being November the second. Way to bring us bitter clingers to the polls!

I am trying to link the story Here. Lets see if this works. Ha! Seems like it did. My blog-fu is improving!

Anyhow, you should follow the directions and send a nice little note to the EPA on this. You should also call or write your Representative in Congress, plus both Senators.

Oddly I have read that when Congress allowed the EPA to lord it over lead, they specifically exempted ammunition, mainly for fear the military would end up on the short end, also because they remember '94, after the "assault weapons" ban. What, are you silly enough to think that it was all Newt and the Contract?

Okay, I understand that the upper ranks of this Administration (or is it a regime?) have little or no practical experience. Still, you would think that someone there would like a tiny bit of help from Congress. As the word trickles out about this jackass move, everyone ready to give up on Republicans will be enraged and energized. Does anyone in this regime know that when you go bear hunting you do not cover yourself in lard, fish and berries and then arm yourself only with a thin willow switch? Peabrains. Worse. Brains rattling around in their heads like a BB in a boxcar. Oh, and BBs have lead cores. Actually BB shot is usually all lead. For some strange reason, the BBs used in BB guns is slightly bigger than the size of BB shot for shotguns. I never really understood that. The only reason I can think of for that is so a proud owner of a Red Ryder BB gun can't buy a 25 pound bag of shot and be in business for a year or so. But, I digress.

And these people claim to be smart. Lord help me. Obama, if you don't pee on this fire right now, you can just "Say Good Night, Gracie".

It is up to us, the bitter clingers, to put a stop to this nonsense.

Update, 3:10 AM 8/29/10:
Between the time I wrote the above and the time I got home from the midnight "birthday meeting" of the AA group where I sobered up all those years ago, the EPA says that it has rejected banning lead ammunition. Okay, good. We still need to keep an eye on 'em, though. I'll post something soon about the birthday meeting and my grandson Josiah's fourth birthday party soon.

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