Monday, August 16, 2010

Build The Fence.

A couple of years back I put up a fence around my back yard. It was only a minor fence, able to keep our German shepherd dog in the back yard. Still, it was one day to dig the important holes and pour concrete around those posts, then another day to put up the other posts and stretch the goat wire. Viola! The fence was built. At no cost to the taxpayer. Well, the taxpayer provided my pension, which paid for the fence but, the pension would have come, anyhow.

Meanwhile, they just passed another six hundred million dollar border bill up there in Washington, on top of all the billions spent so far. and they still cannot build the fence. This bill is going to pay for some new Border Patrol agents and some drones. One would think they have enough drones in government.

I would like to take a look at the houses of all these Congresscritters. I would suspect that pretty much all of them have a durned fence. Yet they can't seem to manage a fence across our border.

Now I realize that there is somewhat more to a fence along the whole southern border (we'll get to the northern border next) is somewhat of a bigger deal than the fence that keeps Cochise Apache Princess from running out and getting shot or run over. Still, I built the fence according to my needs.

So, why can't this government, with it's trillion dollar deficits, build a big ol' fence? Every day some bunch of government types are prancing around telling us how smart they are, yet they cannot build a fence.

How about this election cycle we simply require everyone running for a federal post to declare whether or not they would commit to a fence along the border, to be completely finished by 2013. Then anti-tunneling by 2015. Then start on the northern border. This, because the border is longer, plus problems like snow, ice and mountains would take somewhat longer. Not to mention the Great Lakes. Still, almost every homeowner in the country has a fence. Seems like if we can do it, why can't the Federal Government.

Shouldn't we insist on a fence before we are willing to even discuss any kind of immigration reform? Isn't it time we put our foot down and insist that government listen to us?

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