Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josiah's Birthday Party

Instead of being in Washington DC at the big rally, I had to take Linda Lou to our Grandon Josiah' birthday party. It was held at one of the MickeyD's Virus Palaces, otherwise known as a playland. I think it would have been quieter at the big shindig with Beck, Palin, etc. Just as a matter of curiosity, is it real smart to hold a big outdoor event in DC in late August? Shouldn't events like this be in , oh I dunno, Idaho in August and DC in mid April?

Anyhow, we got in the car and drove to the McD, only to discover that, after unloading Linda Lou and her walker, we were in the wrong one. Sigh. Thirty years ago I could have read that tiny sign. Of course, thirty years ago, no grandkids. So, we got back in the car and then finally drove to the right Bacteria Farm and there they were, five of ours and their friends.

The trouble with not being liberals is there aren't four, six or ten grandparents , two now adult kids and one grandchild. That is, of course, why we will eventually beat the left and why they are trying so hard to take over education, they don't have kids much so they try to steal ours. Anyway, there were about forty-one thousand kids between the ages of months old to tweens, none using "their indoor voices". MickeyD's Plague Palaces have no soundproofing.

I find it strange that only a few of the adults took refuge, temporarily in the main part of the place. I had to. Oddly, as deaf as I am, noise bothers me more than it did. Oh well, I shall not ponder the strange things that come with getting old. Otherwise I might start thinking about the things that should be limber are now stiff and vice versa. Sigh.

Anyhow, I would duck in for as long as I could stand it, taking pictures, and then retreat to a table in the "adult section", which is not the same as the adult section in a seedy bookstore in the tough part of town. Then, when the sound shockwaves slowed to a jangle I would take a deep breath, say a short prayer and head back into Germ Garden. This was much like when I was in the Service, every time I did something worth a big medal, no one was looking. I will say that every time I looked, Josiah was surrounded by girls. Well, he should be. Anyhow, here are the pictures. We might not have outnumbered the Beck confab, we did out noise them.

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