Friday, August 07, 2009

Astroturfed Blog Entry

So I'm doing my usual routine of tiptoeing through the tulips of the Blogosphere while singing loudly and off key when I see more about our side being all fake and astroturfed. Then I see this blurb from the Miami Herald. I really hope this lame attempt at linking works, check down toward the bottom. anyhow, if it doesn't work, as usual, here is this one line:"Democrats worked phone banks in Miami Beach and Plantation on Wednesday and plan to rally in front". Now it doesn't matter exactly where this happened, it's just the usual thing with these clowns. Any big lefty deal, and most of the medium sized ones, you see the rented busses pulled up, you see the professionally printed signs, the matching T-shirt. So, conservatives and libertarians show up, what do you see? A whole lot of cars, hand drawn signs, anyone dressed alike it's either two women staring daggers at each other or some family thinking it's neat to all dress up in flag shirts or something. Note: Please don't kill me, I'm of the age where those old cliches are amusing. So, who is and has been astroturfing all this time.

I'm not really sure those Donks really know what they're getting into, sending their union goons out to pick fights with these health care protesters. So it was four to one on that fellow in, where, St.Louis? It's like this, sooner or later those punks are going to pick on a retired bluesuit or a civilian with a CCW. When that happens, unarmed, one to a CCW, can't shoot except under very rare conditions. Four goons to one CCW? Try, "I was in fear of my life". I'm pretty sure the only way to get indicted on a deal like that is if you shot one in the back of the head when he was down. At any rate, those SIEU goons seem to have committed felony assault. If you are the praying type, please put up a word for Kenneth Gladney. Attacked for passing out "Don't tread on me" flags. Or, perhaps, for being black and daring to step off the Democrat's plantation.

Over at Michelle Malkin's site I saw where the Secret Service took, temporarily, every one's cell phones at some fancy burger joint in Washington because Queen Michelle of Chicago was eating with the two daughters for fear someone would take a picture. I'm curious. Under what legal authority do they do such a thing? I realize that taking a picture of Her Royal Horseybutt at close range might well cause the little camera to shatter but still, what legal authority? I seem to remember that preJanuary 21 law enforcement agencies need a warrant to confiscate private property, even temporarily. And the warrant can't say "any cell phone at fancypants diner, either. Yanno, the White House has a full scale kitchen with professional chefs that can cook just about anything. Just sayin'.

Everyone already knows about the big hoohaa in Dallas with the spokesperson being so rude and condescending to the customers of AARP. There is a reason I've been throwing their junk mail, and I do mean junk, away since I turned fifty. And I turned fifty more years ago than I like to think about. I was warned about this outfit by my friends at the NRA.

I love living in the country but there is one unfortunate thing about it. My Congressman is, at least this session, Sam Johnson. Seeing as how I'm right on the edge of several districts they seem to change me from one to the other, without redistricting. Not quite sure how that works but nobody asked me. At least I go from Republican to Republican. But, that's not really the unfortunate thing. Old Sam is not for the cap and tax and he's not for the medical boondoggle. So, I don't even have to bother going to any of these meetings and get paid by the medical insurance people or the Republicans or the Bildenberg Conspiracy or whoever is behind the astroturfing. So all I can do is blog and they're awfully late with my bribe. Maybe I should go wait by the mailbox, the mail will be here in about six hours.

I hope someone can explain to me how The Won can tell Governors and Senators, Congressmen and citizens to shut up. He is not fixing anything anyone else broke. As a matter of fact he seems to have the reverse Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to horses, um, fertilizer. And yet he dares to stand there and tell us, his bosses, to shut up while he fixes things. Mr. Obama! You noted constitutional scholar, will you please shut up and do your job! You, sir, have no power to "fix" the health care system. If you wanted to do that, sir, you should have stayed in the Senate, where you had the chance to advance a bill. You are now in the executive branch. As a matter of fact, sir, you are in charge of the executive branch. So, sir, how about you tend to your knitting? You know, of course, that the war in Afghanistan is heating up again and our guys and gals over there don't have near enough helicopters. I don't know if it slipped your mind while you were making striking poses with your chin tilted just so, but getting the troops what they need is your job. You, sir, are the commander in chief, not the doctor in chief. How about you pretend to do your job?

I seem to remember something about a constant drumbeat of announcements every time we lost a serviceman or servicewoman a while back.
someone help me out here, what political party was constantly complaining about the "lack of armor" and suchlike? Well, not that you'd notice from the Democrats or their lapdogs in the press but we're losing an awful lot more of our Soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan these days. So are the Brits losing troops. To bombs. Now our infantry are wearing so much armor they can hardly move. The roads are getting to where they are undrivable, what few roads there are so that means everything has to go by helo. And there aren't enough.

I seem to remember someone talking about how the "real war" was in Afghanistan during the campaign and how that, and finding trashbin Laden were going on the front burner. Who was that? Must've been Ron Paul. Maybe Sarah Palin. It couldn't have been The Won.

Oh well, it's about bedtime. I'll babble some more later. I hope this link I tried came out okay, I never know until I post so...

Update: Holy crows! My link worked! I hereby declare three days of feasting and celebration! Bring out the girls with low morals! Oh, wait, I'm not allowed those anymore. Oh well, maybe an extra cup of coffee tomorrow then?

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