Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Don't I Call My Doctor For Legal Advice?

Here is something I don't really get. Politicians, unfortunately, are mostly lawyers. In Congress, lawyer is the single most common profession. Except, of course, politician. My one Senator is a lawyer, as near as I can figure he started as a government prosecutor, went to being a judge, then state attorney general, then elected to the Senate. My other Senator was a college cheerleader, then worked in a TV station newsroom, then went into politics. Someone please explain to me why these two have any right whatever to make rules coming between me and my doctors. Use small words, please.

I see one or another of my doctors at least every other month or so. I have never asked my doctors any legal questions, nor how to be a cheerleader or TV news personality. I do not ask my doctors about law, except this particular thing dreamed up by, not doctors, but politicians. So, it turns out that people with no experience in medicine, love government health care. and by experience, I also include as a patient. Seems that a lot of young, types love the idea. Figures, the young, like politicians, are experts in things they know nothing about. There are young people with experience with government health care, our military. Remember the problems at Walter Reed? Let me get this straight, if a soldier is shot or blown up, if he or she gets to the field hospital with a pulse, those docs will move heaven and earth to save them. But catch the flu or something and it's miserable. Go head and pull some back muscles and see how it works.

The government is proving that they cannot even give money away, the cash for clunkers program is a debacle. Less than seven percent of the vouchers have been paid, some car dealerships are about to go under because they haven't been paid.

There is some good news on this family's front, though. My niece, Toni and her family went to watch their daughter, Cassie, be sworn in to the United States Naval Reserve where she will be a Midshipman in the NROTC at the University of Arizona. If all goes well she will become an Ensign or, a more remote possibility, a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I say it's the more remote possibility because her dad was a career white hat in the Navy, having to take early retirement in one of the RIFs.

Rumor has it that her dad had a tear or two. So does her uncle Peter. Don't mistake them, though. those are the tears of pride.

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