Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Fishy Blog

So the Obama Administration (the most open and ethical administration evah!) is now asking people to report anything fishy in the way of communications about Obamacare. Well, I suppose I could try to figure out how to send them the whole Senate Bill, that looks pretty fishy from here.

Or maybe I could send them that thing in the House Bill about end of life counseling. Seems that is the only way they're admitting that might control costs. Funny, though, anyone who really wants to die now knows how. So, what is the point of this "counseling"?

I really thought it would take longer for this crowd to get to where they were asking Americans to inform on each other. Imagine, it was only a year ago that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. I wonder, did they ask the Secretary of State? It wasn't very long ago that she was screeching about "we are Americans and we have a right to disagree with any administration". Remember those wonderful days? Where no one in the Bush Administration ever questioned anybody's patriotism and the Democrats kept accusing them of it? So then the Bush Administration let Dems have another few billion dollars of earmarks without a veto. And then Dems screeched about the deficit? Great days, great days.

Well, this crowd is getting more and more Stalinist every day. I don't know much that is fishier than this crowd, the open administration we were promised hasn't got here yet. So, now the administration says we need another couple of billion for the "cash for clunkers" program where they deliberately burn up the engines of perfectly usable cars. They can't actually give us any information about where, exactly, the first billion went. they'll tell us after we give them the next two billion. Open and honest.

So, what do these clowns do about folks wanting to know what their government is doing. Why we're all a bunch of paid shills. Dear RNC and insurance companies, your checks are way late. We're all a bunch of damnfool birthers. Of course we might not care about the long form birth certificate if Obama wasn't spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and rising (where did he get those dollars?) to keep from showing a twenty dollar certificate. But, I'm the nutjob for being curious. Most presidential candidates show their complete health records, not Obama. I saw George Bush's college transcripts, as well as Gores and the great war hee-row Kerry's. Obama paid to have his sealed. Open administration.

It was just a year ago the the media was constantly bleating about "the secretive Bush Administration". Funny, the Bush Administration was a lot more open than this one. Heck, the Nixon Administration was more open than this one.

Well, y'all can report me to the Obambi-ites, there is still a First Amendment that allows me to say anything I want except "Fire!" in a crowded theater and libel. Most of the libel is coming from the left.

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