Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Luck Rifqa

So a beautiful young woman named Rifqa Bary has converted from Islam to Christianity and is on the run from her family. Seems she is afraid of "honor killing". Oddly, we only hear of this story from her strict Muslim family's point of view. We only hear that there is something oddly wrong about the Christian preacher and his family that took her in. We don't hear from young Rifqa or her friends. Somehow the Press, which prides itself for speaking Truth To Power and has been one of the major foci's of feminism since the 1970s is not at all interested in this seventeen year old woman.

If only Rifqa wanted an abortion! If only she were pregnant and worried that her family of conservative Christians would do her harm, like the Palins did to poor Bristol! What? The Palins still love Bristol and that baby, despite wishing Bristol had waited a few years and got that wedding ring first? How can that be? Anyhow we all know that conservative Christians are the problem. We all know that moderate Muslims do not believe in honor killings, they keep telling us that. We, of course, never hear of these moderate Muslims telling their conservative Muslim brethren to stop with the honor killings. Funny thing, that. I'm old enough to remember segregation. At the height of the struggle there were a lot of southern whites who said "this is wrong". They were called Republicans.

Today there a lot of people who don't seem to mind honor killings. Feminists, news reporters, black liberation theology types, in other words, Democrats. Oh, sure if an honor killing happens here and the perp doesn't make it back to Scumbagistan, they'll prosecute. But you can bet the farm they won't do anything so gauche as to threaten to stop all foreign aid to Scumbagistan unless the perp is returned to face justice. These people are called Democrats.

Speaking of Democrats, everyone knows of the MSNCC idiot newsreader wailing about white people bringing guns near where the President was going to speak and it turns out that the picture they showed was a black guy carrying an AR-15 clone of some kind, carefully edited, of course, to hide the man's skin color. Meanwhile saying it was bad for race relations or something. Note: please understand that Democrats don't like black people any better now than in 1962. It's just that, for now, black folks are useful to them. If the constant racebaiting of the Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) actually brings on a race war the Donks will grab power while the media grabs ratings.

What too many still so not understand is that the left, while claiming to love humanity, does not like people. This is why they never stand up for life, really. Well, except that they don't like it when we off the odd murderer. So it's free Mumia but make sure to abort that fetus. I guess they figure if we let Mumia live he just might kill again. Meanwhile, once you kill an unborn baby, that's it. So, kill the babies, let murderers live, anything to knock the population down. Meanwhile the left thinks there are way too may people. One lefty site was claiming that there should only be five hundred million people in the whole world. The odd thing is it's never them volunteering to go first. Kind of like Algore saying WE are using too much energy.

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