Thursday, August 06, 2009

So, Who Won?

I was listening to Rush today, getting my orders for tomorrow, when he said something that really jarred me. Seems that the Washington Times was claiming that the White House had passed some kind of directive that no one can use the term "War On Terror" or the term "Jihadi" or "Jihadists". This must mean that the war is over. I sure hope somebody told all those wild eyed bearded types about it. Last I looked, we still had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting, plus all those Sneaky Pete troops from the Army and Navy, plus some of the hardest of the hard corps Marines wandering around in the Philippines and a whole bunch of other places I don't know about, and don't want to know. I'd tell Linda Lou, she'd tell her sister, her sister would tell somebody else and the next thing it would be on the front page of the New York Times saying look what Bush did!

So, if the war is over, who won? The Taliban is still fighting, we are still this close to Pakistan being taken over by those wild eyed clowns we aren't allowed to call Jihadis anymore, the Mad Mullahs still run Iran.

Here is something I wish I were smart enough to understand. Our troops beat the stuffing out of anyone who tries to fight. Nothing new, that's what they do. There is a reason the Jiha, um persons of explosion, yeah, that will work. There is a reason the persons of explosion set bombs. They don't have what it takes to actually fight. Please note that I am not saying that the Ji, um, persons of explosion lack courage. They just don't have the training, the communications, the artillery and air support. For that matter, they don't have the strength of our guys and gals to carry the loads we do. This, again, is no slur on their courage. They just haven't been raised on good American food. This is something we've all seen, by the way. How many times have we seen the now grown children of immigrants tower over their grandparents. Even those that have never intermarried. We see this with Mexicans and Japanese, we see this with Italians and Iranians. It's just amazing what good food and clean water will do. But, I digress again.

Anyhow, who won this war? I don't reckon we did, I think I would have seen it in the headlines. I don't reckon the Jih, um, persons of explosion did. Again, every time they try to fight they die. Every time they gather, one of our UAVs puts a Hellfire Missile right into the middle of the Rice Pilaf. So, who won?

Folks, this looks like what happened the last time the Donks took over during a long war. Remember? Nixon got thrown out for far less that the Kennedy-Johnson Administrations did. So, Watergate was so horrid but Bobby Kennedy wiretapping MLK was just fine. Anyhow, Nixon was hounded out of office and good ol' Jerry Ford was installed. And the North Vietnamese violated the peace treaty hammered out in Paris. The treaty that obligated us to supply ammunition, air support, some artillery support, I believe and naval fire support.

Understand people, we were obligated to do this, we had a treaty. With other nations. Yet the Democrat Congress refused to honor that treaty. Yes, the Democrats unilaterally refused to honor a treaty. Jerry Ford did everything but get on his knees and beg but a whole congressional career based on "reaching across the aisle" did nothing.

Maybe you don't know the real history of the end of that fight. The NVA, flush with weapons and ammo from the Soviets and Chinese poured down the Ho Chi Mihn Trail and across the DMZ. The Arvins set up roadblocks and at each strongpoint, fought the NVA to a standstill, until they ran out of ammo. Ammo that was promised, by the sworn word of the United States of America. When the Ammo was about gone, the Arvins retreated if their families had gotten away. If not, they fought to the death.

It is popular today, to call the Arvins cowards.Some were. Others just flat didn't care much, after all, in many units the big brass stole the pay and half the rations. There were cases of some officers selling the heavy weapons, other cases of privates and corporals selling their rifles for food. But the units that had honest commanders fought. And they fought well. But in 1975 they could only fight until, hopefully, their families got clear.

Oh, just imagine those Arvins! Knowing that they had a treaty with the long noses who could bring B-52s loaded with 500 pound bombs that would flatten a regiment. Knowing that America had shiploads of ammunition and medical supplies, rations and spare parts. Helicopters to take their families to safety. All of which were promised. They waited. They fought. They ran out of ammunition and died. They died trying to protect Hue. then Da Nang and Chu Lai. They died outside of Pleiku where once the helos of the First Cav filled the air. Then, finally, they died outside Saigon. And the solemn word of the United States of America became known as worthless.

It wasn't just the fecklessness of Jimmy Carter that led to the Mad Mullahs taking over Iran and the Soviets invading Afghanistan. It started earlier, when those desperate men fighting for their families outside Da Nang and Hue ran out of ammo.

Are we doing this again? That's what it looks like from here. No one knows how many died because the Democrats did not keep their word. And yes, it was their word, too. This treaty may have been signed by Republicans but it was approved by the Senate. No one will ever know how many were slaughtered in the killing fields of Cambodia. No one will ever know how many wounded Viets died, or how many Arvin officers, noncoms and village chiefs, as well as other government functionaries, died in the "re-education camps". Nor will we know how many died in those leaky boats, killed by pirates and starvation or sharks.

This time it will be worse. Imadinnerjacket will get his nukes. Israel will be hit hard. Israel will act as they have promised, with the second half of "never again". That one to two hundred Israeli nukes will be sprinkled about her enemies for the second half of Never Again is:if again, not us alone.

Meanwhile the Ji, um, persons of explosion will take over Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. So, here goes India into the fight. And what about China? Seems there may be a whole lot of fighting and feuding on her border. Not to mention Mother Russia.

So, the Democrats are not interested in war. That is pretty plain. I only wish these allegedly highly educated people could only figure out that war is still interested in us.

There are those, even in this country, who wish for the end of American Power. This power, that we have not always wielded perfectly, has done much for the world. With the Armed Forces of America standing guard, Europe has prospered, without major wars coming up on 65 years.(This may be a record) South Korea and Japan have prospered, as has Indonesia, the worlds largest Muslim nation.

So, some want an end to American Power. This does not mean that no one will exert power, it is a given that someone will. Who? Those benevolent rulers of China? That sweetheart Putin? Imadinnerjacket? If we stop exerting American Power, who will exert power. And will it all be unicorns and butterflies and cute little bunnies? Or will the Jih, persons of explosion start up again, recharged and more powerful?

Please note. I picked up "person of explosion somewhere, I believe from Blogfather Harvey. I don't claim to be smart, I just have a halfway decent memory and a love for words.

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