Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scattershooting While Wondering What Happend To Walter Walsh

First thing I saw this morning was that Bill Faith had died. This was enough to send me back to bed except I was hungry. While I never met the man I enjoyed his writing. We shared a little something, we both got to play on the second place team in the southeast Asian war games. See you on the other side, Bill.

I can't remember, is real butter a killer or safer than margarine on Sunday. I wish these public spirited "scientists" could make up their minds. Anyhow I had a big stack of buckwheat cakes with bacon today. I couldn't remember so I had butter on some of the pancakes and margarine on the others. It's funny how one becomes a public spirited "scientist" these days. It takes a fax machine and a fancy sounding name for your "Institute". Take OwlGore. His education is flunking out of Divinity School, rumor has it that he majored in marijuana. Now, with no evidence whatsoever he is making bazillions in the glow bull warming racket. I'd have a better chance at believing in this glow bull warming if OwlGore himself acted as if he did.

Of course I'd also have a better chance in believing in glow bull warming if the climate hasn't been changing, in cycles, for all of history. The last time we had glow bull warming the Vikings were rowing their long ships 'cross the oceans. With no coal fired electric plants, I might add.

Now we're seeing Obambi flags. I sure hope the realisation of the responsibilities hits this guys soon. I realize that it's fun being important, eventually he must realise that we have families to protect. Screeching that George Bush is a dummy does nothing to protect Michelle's children. Or my grandchildren. Barack, in a very short time, it's on you. Buying the world a Coke ain't gonna get it.

I would feel a lot more comfortable if I had the slightest idea that you know there are a whole bunch of people in this world that would like to see America in flames. Heck, for right now I'd be happy to know that you aren't one of them.

Is it any wonder that I should still be worrying about whether or not Obambi wants America to burn while the Chicago Tribune is going broke? Aren't the reporters supposed to find out such things? Kind of like Enron. Somehow Enron cheated all through the Clinton Administration, the Bush Administration caught them and it's all Bush's fault.

Oooh, cool. Seems that the Plague has hit an AlQ camp in Algeria, killing forty, so far. I hope it's painful and spreading fast among them. Some Leprosy would be nice, too. Please, nobody tell these nutbags that making life miserable for the educated means that all your doctors end up in Britain and California. I read this in a UK paper's website. The comments indicate they mostly think it's the CIA. If only.

I just finished reading Col. Charles Askin's autobiography, Unrepentant Sinner. Charlie was a Border Patrol Officer back during Prohibition. Back when lawmen had different rules. Charlie left a lot of bad guys toes up or face down in the Rio Grande. Charlie didn't much care which side of a bad guy he shot. His specialty was a Remington 1100 shotgun with a custom eight shot magazine and the barrel cut down to 22 inches. This being before night sights he tied a white bandage around the end of the tube.

That got me Googling around, looking for other old lawmen from those days. Walter Walsh was a Feeb from back when they were gunfighters. Today they'd both be in jail. It's too bad that crooks have more rights than lawmen these days. How's that working out for us?

It's no wonder I concentrate on my grandkids, my dogs and cowboy action shooting these days.

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