Friday, January 09, 2009

Cross Your Fingers, Lufkin Here We Come!

So I was getting ready to go to my last appointment with the Doc that cut me open and repaired my rotator cuff when Linda Lou printed out a page from Petfinder with a picture of a young male Pug. Well she called them later and it seems that we are driving to Lufkin, Texas first thing in the morning. I hope nobody beats us there.

So we are driving a hundred and fifty miles, one way, to see a fawn Pug named Bingo. If we end up with him that name won't last. Anyway, y'all keep your fingers crossed, Linda Lou NEEDS another Pug.

I've only been through Lufkin a few times, it's not on an Interstate and there is nothing there for me to drive to see. Aside from a big chicken processing plant there are paper mills and foundries. Let's face it, if there weren't a Pug, I wouldn't bother.

I'm sure Lufkin is a nice enough town, though. I believe it's in the east Texas piney woods, I'll tell you more after the drive. We'll take the camera, just in case there is something worth a picture. I suspect that this trip is going to take the place of the Sunday Cowboy Action Shoot.

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