Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bee Eye Enn Gee Oh, And Bingo Was His Name-o

Linda Lou woke me earlier than usual, then refused to make me breakfast because she wanted to get moving. We drove to Quinlen and filled up the car and then set out toward Lufkin, some 150+ miles away, just knowing that Bingo the Pug would be gone when we got there. Oh well, I figured it'd be worth the drive, after all it's a known scientific fact that the further you are from home the less calories count.

We hit Lufkin at about two or three PM, I never did stop to eat for fear someone would barely beat us there. Yesterday was unusually warm for this time of year, today it was flat out cold. When the wind comes out of the north during winter there ain't nothing between Texas and the North Pole but a few barbed wire fences.

Update: I did eventually eat, my favorite traveling meal, a BBQ rib dinner. It's lucky I don't get that way very often, the ribs were dried out and horrible crunchy. The place was in Rusk, a town best known for the State Hospital for what we used to call the criminally insane. Perhaps the folks running that smoker are graduates.

Anyhow we took Ming the Merciless along, it's important that the two Pugs get along. We made only one stop on the way, at a highway rest stop. It's kind of unfair that we men get to stand up to pee in an unheated rest stop, something Linda Lou reminds me about every winter trip. She doesn't cut down on drinking soda, though.

At any rate, Bingo was still there. He started giving me puppy kisses right then, and then gave a few to Linda Lou, also. We filled out the paperwork, I brought Ming out of the car and they got along as well as a young male and an old lady dog can.

Cochise' Apache Princess hasn't met him yet, we're leaving her in the backyard for another hour or so for Bingo to get used to the house before springing giant Dog on him. I think it'll be fine, though, CAP likes to play. She really misses Eddie so this should work out. Pictures to follow.

As you can see, the pictures are here now.

We may be stuck with the Name, Bingo. He is not a stray but an elderly couple turned him in when they decided they couldn't care for him. So he's had the name since he was a pup. The fact that he's not a stray is very good news, we have his medical records and he's already neutered and all that, checked out as heartworm free. He is about 14 months old, born 11/21/07.

And, of course, he's already perfected that tilted-head gaze. So, I'm missing a cowboy action shoot, the next one ought to be warmer, anyway.

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