Saturday, January 03, 2009

Durban II

So, I don't know where I read it but there is supposed to be a new gathering at Durban in South Africa, fighting racism and suchlike. They hope to get a law passed against demeaning religions.

I wonder if such a law would shut up Michael Newdow. Or maybe all those Muslims saying awful things about Christians and Jews. Now I understand the purpose of this law is so folks like me can't call Muslims murderous goons when they fling rockets into Israel and then whine like sissy boys when the Izzies get tired of it.

So, how is a UN law going to keep me from calling the murderous goons that attacked Bombay murderous goons? Last I looked the UN had very little authority in Hunt County, Texas. Maybe a little more down in Austin, at least near the University, but here?

Personally I think that if the various Islamic nations would like to be well thought of they should stop killing people. Or at least not whine like little girlyboys when people fight back.

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