Friday, January 02, 2009

The Big Party

So we rounded up the usual suspects and celebrated William's birthday. There was an extra present here. I'd given our dogs each a bone so they wouldn't notice us being gone, at least until we were out of earshot. Since there were three bones in the package I took one to Pele, Dean and Stephanie's dog.

Anyway there were two parties offered, a small party with just the grandparents and aunts and uncles, plus brothers and cousins or a party with all of his little friends. I chose the grandparent party and will not go to the other one. I am not overly endowed with sanity already.

There were only five children, it felt like dozens, and that's with one not walking yet. Speaking of the one not walking, he's out of the will for trying to pull my moustache off. All the other grandkids will get guns and stuff, he's getting the underwear I will be wearing when I drop dead. Unwashed. My lip is two sizes bigger than it was*.

Anyhow it was fun seeing the kids, now I can go back to being a curmudgeon for a while. The next birthday is a canine birthday, C.A.P. turns two on the fifteenth of this month. She says send meat.

*You believe that threat, right?

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