Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Give Up.

I give up.I am too old to properly train Cochise' Apache Princess. She just turned two years old and she still hasn't learned not to jump on people, Lord knows I tried. And she has pulled Linda Lou off her feet too many times. The cuts and tears on my arm never have a chance to heal from her jumping on me when I try to put the lead on her to bring her into the house.

This does not mean she isn't a sweet dog, she is. But we do not have the money to have her trained and I simply no longer have the strength to do it myself. Even ten years ago I could but I just haven't what it takes any more. So, before I take her to German Shepherd Rescue of North Texas or Camp Wolfgang in Ennis, do any of my readers know someone who wants a sweet, but stubborn, unspayed German Shepherd? I have her papers, although I never registered her with the AKC. At two years old she is ready to breed or can be spayed. So far we have just kept her inside or in the fenced backyard when she is in heat.

I have no idea how much it costs to send a dog places but it is probably less than the cost of a purebred German Shepherd. All I ask is no puppy mills or really weird Nazi types. She is a good girl, we simply got too old to handle a big dog. Anyhow, it is breaking my heart to say this but I just must let her go before one of us is badly hurt.

Princess gets along fine with other dogs that she knows, she needs some work on dogs she doesn't know. We have no cats so I don't know about that.

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