Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Peas On Earth

I blame Army Wife Toddler Mom. A few days ago she wrote about creamed eggs on toast for supper back when families knew what poor was. Well, we seldom had that but creamed tuna on toast, or when I was really lucky, biscuits was pretty common, so was creamed chipped beef.

Now I haven't made creamed anything, ever, so I decided to try.I started out with a simple roux of butter and flour and added a cup and a half of hot milk. As the white sauce started to thicken I drained a can of tuna, a can of peas and peeled three hard boiled eggs. I added a sprinkle of garlic, paprika and crushed red peppers. Note to self, a whole can is WAY too many peas. Even Ming the Muslim Dog (peas be upon her) thought it was too many peas. Anyhow I added all that and now think I could have done with only two boiled eggs.

Anyhow I mixed it all up and served it over buttermilk biscuits. I think with only a third of a can of peas and two boiled eggs it will be perfect. Not bad for a first try, though.

Next up, creamed chipped beef on biscuits. Now I've been eating that pretty regularly, Stoufers makes it in frozen bags but now that I know how easy it is to make white sauce I'm making it myself. I feel as if I'm becoming the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show. And I'm not even Swedish.

Just don't tell my Momma that I make canned biscuits.

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