Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still Waiting

Ike has hit the coast now, I'm waiting for some reports, we probably won't have real news until morning.

I'm also waiting on something else. For most of the last eight years I've been told how much smarter Democrats are than us dumb Republicans. After all, Gore was, on no evidence at all, smarter than Bush. I know this because Democrats told me, several times a day. Then John "can I get me a huntin' license here" Kerry was so much smarter than Bush. I know this because Democrats told me, several times a day.

Now I'm told how smart Obambi is. More than smart, he is a community organizer, just like Jesus! I do wonder, though, how come there are no tales of how much better off the citizens he organized are. I am a fairly engaged guy, I don't watch much television because of my hearing but it is a very rare day when I'm not on the Internet for at least six or eight hours. Somehow, though, there are no reports of Chicago being so wonderful.

I hear various numbers for that Annenberg Challenge thing, mostly in the range of a hundred and fifty million dollars spent to improve education in Chicago. Now I am, apparently, not smart enough to be a Democrat but that seems to be a lot of money. Yet there are no reports of any improvement. Down here in Texas we didn't get that sort of money but our schools have improved a little, with the Teachers Unions fighting it every step of the way.

The latest thing proving how smart Democrats are is this ad by Obambi stating that McCain can't use E-mail because he is old and all. Obambi is just so smart! Why he's so smart he can't be bothered looking at Google for a few minutes and seeing the news articles from back in 2000 that McCain can't work a keyboard because of the way he North Vietnamese broke him up.

This is the smart guy. This is the guy that says that running his campaign proves he has the experience to lead the free world. The same guy that wants to get Hillary to attack Governor Palin because she is mean to him. After all,she is only a Governor, like Pontius Pilate while he was a community organizer like Jesus.

These are the smart people, just ask them. Just don't ask for proof. They'll just tell you how stupid you are.

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