Sunday, September 14, 2008

Missed Me

The big storm of '08 missed me, for which I am thankful. We got some heavy rain, the wind blew some and then it was over. No damage, the trees didn't lose limbs and I did not get to see Oz. Or even Oklahoma. My community is still not organized, though. My cheap plastic deck furniture didn't even blow away. I wonder how that .is possible, I would think that without a community organizer sitting on it, it'd be gone.

Speaking of needing to be organized, the people who ignored the mandatory evacuation order down in Galveston are complaining that government isn't helping them enough. Seems to me that they ought to get a big fat bill for every drop of water, every bite of food they get. Then a big ol' "in the way" bill for slowing down the actual recovery effort. It just stands to reason that every man-hour spent on taking care of those yahoos is a man-hour that could be spent on clearing roads, restoring power, etc.

I wonder how many votes McCain got by showing up at the NASCAR race in Louden, New Hampshire today? I wonder how all those people managed to get to the track without being organized?

I have a question. Folks keep talking about the Bradley Effect. Seems there was a Democrat named Bradley who was ahead in the polls for an election for Governor out in California. He lost. Ever since then we have been plagued with The Bradley Effect. Trouble is, there hasn't been an election since Truman where the polls did not overcount the Democrats in their samples. My lord, they had Mondale ahead of Reagan at one point! And there has never been a candidate whiter than Mondale. So, why is there a Bradley Effect and not a more general "we overcounted the Donks" effect? Remember Kerry? The polls had him beating Bush.

How come there was no Steele Effect? I reckon that these "effect" things are only for Democrats. So, if we don't vote for the Democrat we are racists. Democrats, though, they get to call black Republicans vile names.

Oh well, time to start mowing.

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