Monday, September 01, 2008

Grandchildren, Ours and Political

We spent yesterday at our daughter and son-in-law;s at Josiah's birthday party. Him being two he didn't quite understand, but he liked the cake and presents. Exactly half (by number, not weight) of our grandkids were there, four boys and the only girl.

There were a couple-three other kids and some parents, mainly it was a mass of kids, maybe nine or ten in all. It gets hard to count kids, unless they're tied down. None of the kids was over six at the most so the energy level was way up there. If we could have hooked them up to some kind of generator we could power a medium sized city.

The top picture is the birthday boy, Josiah. Next down is his big brother, William. The next two down are Michael and Jeniffer's two, MJ and Alexandra. The bottom two pics are granny and gramps with our newest grandchild, Karson.

We may not have much money but we've got handsome grandchildren.

There is another grandchild in the news today, Sarah Palin's daughter seems to be pregnant. The Left is ecstatic, they just KNOW that all the Christians will turn against the McCain/Palin ticket. Just exactly like everyone was going to vote against the Bush/Cheney ticket because one of Cheney's kids is a thespian or something.

The Left must know no Christians. So, Bristol Palin seems to be pregnant and will get married. We are all supposed to reject the ticket because a teenager made a mistake. Sorry. We'd rather it didn't happen but it isn't our business. Bristol isn't running for anything. The family seems to be doing the right thing.

The gleeful Left should look at those bumper stickers we see, the ones that say: "Christians Aren't Perfect, Just Forgiven." The Left would have us believe that if a Christian sins they put them in front of the congregation, tear the cover off the Bible and drum them out of the church. Sorry, that's not how it works, even the Catholics hardly ever excommunicate anyone anymore. Lucky for Ted Kennedy.

Oddly, the only big Lefty with any sense in this is Obama. Perhaps because his mother got pregnant early, perhaps because he is the father of daughters or maybe he's just smarter that the folks at Daily Koz and DU.

It wasn't very long ago that 17 was a common age for a young women to be married and a mother. Look at some of those old family Bibles, look at some old genealogy records. In the 1800s lots of girls got married at fourteen. We marry later now, young people's hormones haven't changed.

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