Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Must Be Nice

I must confess, I am no economic guru, never having much in the way of money to practice on. I mean when I got the only windfall of my life, my family inheritance, I paid off the mortgage and had a rifle rebuilt for accuracy. So, I'm no genius, I admit it.

Still, I seem to be smarter than the big time Democrats. Why did they put Jamie Gorelick up as vice chair of Fannie Mae? Just what made her worth twenty-six million dollars in bonuses?

Let's look,she set up "the wall" that made it much more difficult to figure out that a bunch of Arabs who wanted to learn to fly, but not land, were up to no good. Great, lets give her authority over a trillion dollar industry! This is, it seems, smart when you are a big time Democrat.

It's not that I don't believe in second chances but still, this is a little much. Screw up law enforcement, then get put on the commission studying the results of that screw up as happened to our Jamie. Set up "the wall". Then when we got the 9/11 attacks she gets put on the commission asking how that happened. Um, shouldn't she have been in front of that commission, under oath? Oh, right, she is a Democrat.

I am counting the days before Gorelick is on the commission studying what went wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Just wait. This whole stinking Democrat mess will be found to be all the fault of George Bush. After all, it was Democrats writing the rules to say lend a bazillion dollars to folks with no possible way to pay back those loans. Stupid Republicans like me paid off our mortages.

Still, somebody tell me, using small words please because I'm not smart enough to be a Democrat, just what did Gorelick do to earn those twenty-six million dollars in bonuses? Or did she learn something about a lot of big time politicians while working in the Justice Department, ensuring vast riches for the rest of her life?

From here it looks like a pretty good deal. Anything you mess up, blame on Bush. Meanwhile take your millions and bleat loudly about the little people. After all, the little people get to pay for it all.

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