Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Far, So Good

So I got up and the weather hadn't really hit, I'd woke up a couple of times after daylight to some light rain but nothing important. So I got up and had a cup of coffee, Linda Lou was on the intertubes downloading dog pictures so I turned on the weather channel. Bemember now, I live in northeast Texas where Ike was barrelin' up the road with me right in his sights. So, the Weather Channel was talking about Ike all right, about the horrible danger that Chicago was facing.

Now I realize that eventually the weather will get to Chicago but I was kind of hoping that I would get something about whether I should run from the weather. No, they were worried because there are some 184 basements flooded a thousand miles from the storm. So, I had recorded Open Range on the DVR a while back and haven't watched it because it's a three hour movie. So I watched Duval and Costner shoot up a bunch of bad guys.

The weather finally hit, during the movie and it got real rainy and windy. I haven't turned the weather channel back on, though. I'm not worried about Chicaco, they are organized up there. After all, they had Obama. How could anything bad happen to Chicago, after all, Jesus was a community organizer, just like Obama. So, how come the weather channel had to tell me about flooded basements up there instead of the storm right here? And I haven't studied on it too hard but there are no community organizers in the Wills Point or Quinlan phone books. I'm pretty sure that Jesus still cares though. Of course we have very few basements down here for the weather channel folks to worry about.

The bad news is that the dogs really want out, even with the weather. Well, that and the sorry fact that we have no community organizers.

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