Thursday, September 11, 2008

Batten Down The Hatches

The storm is coming, seems it will get here Saturday. Not that Ike will be a hurricane by the time it gets here, they're forecasting winds of 40m to 50 mph and maybe six-eight inches of rain. We have lots of food, a brand new 50 pound sack of dog food, the gas tank is full and I just filled the propane tank.

Reckon I'm about ready. My only fear is losing the electricity. I wouldn't care, normally, but the freezer is full. Ah well, we lose the power and I'll buy some dry ice at Wally World and fill the ice chest, eat what won't fit. I'm pretty sure my biggest danger is a muddy dog. But, just in case a tornado gets me, somebody tell Army Wife, Toddler Mom to wave at me as I fly over Nebraska.

I was plotting on going to the Shoot this Sunday but it's canceled. The range that Tenhorn Town is built on is that black dirt that is so slick whenever there is so much as a cloud in Oklahoma. Too bad, shooting real black is spectacular in cloudy, rainy weather. Oh well, I'll go the last Saturday of the month, instead. That is a couple more weeks of recovery, anyhow. I'm a little nervous about the shotgun, the revolvers will be fine and the rifle is heavy enough to absorb the recoil of the black powder .45 loads. The shotgun, though, does have a tad of kick, seeing as how I'm shooting an ounce and a quarter of shot and three drams of real black powder. If I would have had a brain in my head I would have loaded up a couple of boxes of lighter loads, say 7/8 of an ounce of shot and two-two and a half drams of powder. Unfortunately all my brass 12 gauge cases were already loaded.

I have nothing to say about 9/11. Everyone else already said it.

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