Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Wish I Could Keep Up.

I cannot keep up with the Left. It is totally against the rules to even talk dirty to a coworker but it is okay for Bill Clinton to have an intern on her knees in the Oval office.

Politician's families are completely off limits, that is why Gore's kid got almost no publicity for that reckless driving thing while the Bush twins got microscopic scrutiny for having a drink.

Now the feminists, who have been screaming for years that ANY choice a women makes with regards to family and career is only the woman's choice, suddenly decide that a woman's place is in the home.

Here is another thing I don't understand. For a long time now the Left has been talking about how Republicans are crooks. So, here is Palin who has actually sent big time Republican politicians to jail. The Left trots out other Republican allies of those in jail to say that they don't like Palin.

One thing for sure, no crooked Democrat will ever complain about Obambi who has never in his life gone against the corruption in Chicago's machine politics. I wonder why the Left doesn't ever think of that when they say how corrupt Palin might be?

Now Obambi is trying to flex his muscles because big bully Palin is being mean to him. What is he going to do? Why he's sending out the sisterhood to attack Palin. Poor obambi, hiding behind Hillary's pantsuit. He's so brave.

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