Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eddie's Birthday Party

Eddie T. Dog enjoyed his birthday party. As has become the custom I made a batch of bacon-cheese corn muffins for a birthday cake. Since it had been raining a couple of days before we had it inside instead of outside although there was only a little mud left.

Doggie birthday parties never last long. Dogs aren't real big on singing and even when we leave the computer on line they never go and shop for presents. Thirty seconds or so to eat their "birthday cakes" and they're ready for naptime. Dogs do not savor. Nor are they big on sharing. Well, C.A.P. tries to share Eddie's. The big Bozo is still afraid of Ming.

Doggie birthday cakes are easy to make. Fry four slices of bacon. Fry it kind of soft for we will then bake them. Mix up a box of corn muffin mix, I use Jiffy. Now add a big batch of shredded cheese. This time I used sharp cheddar, sometimes I use colby-jack. The exact amount isn't critical, I use about a cup. Now, if you have kitchen shears, cut the bacon into one inch pieces, if you have no shears, tear it. Stir in all up, put it into baking cups and bake as directed. Let them cool a bit and then it's time to serve.

Blogpappy Harv asked if I'd ever tasted them the last time I wrote of this. At the time I had not. This time I ate one. I think they would be a great midmorning snack if you work in an office. Perhaps something to pack for a driving vacation. Or, given what is served on airplanes these days, a bag of them would go nicely. Especially if a bunch of wandering Muslims start screeching some kind of Alley Oop or whatever it is they say. Alley Ackbear? I wonder if those clowns up in Minnesota would have shut up if someone had jammed a bacon cheese muffin down their throats or points south.

Anyhow, they're pretty tasty. I won't be making them for the dogs again until Ming's birthday although if they bite a burglar or save us from a rampaging pack of wolves or something I'll make an exception.

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