Thursday, May 15, 2008

So, Where Are The Grownups?

This post has been swirling around my head lately, I hope I can make sense of it. I'm wondering where the grownups are and what happened to them. We have a bazillion people all up in arms over glow bull worming, for which there is no evidence. If anything, the evidence is that the last warming trend is over and we are in the beginning of a cooling trend.

The trouble is not that weather changes, it tends to do that. The problem is these people who say that the climate change is due to something we are doing and that we must change, fast, or we are all going to DIE!!!!11!!! The changes we must make are killing people right now and this will only get worse but we must do this or the Polar Bears will be extinct.

Trouble is, these glow bull worming fools do not have an explanation for how Greenland had vineyards and farms that are now under deep sheets of ice. Now were these ice fields formed because the medieval types quit using SUVs and coal fired power plants? How did the Polar Bears survive when Greenland had shirtsleeve weather?

I could go on, a short drive will take me to a patch of desert where I can dig up ancient seashells. What caused that, dinosaurs driving Caddys? Somehow I doubt that. Yet our political leaders are converting vast amounts of grain for fuel. While they are doing this they are screeching about the lack of water. Yet it takes a lot of water to grow that corn, even more to make that corn into ethanol.

How can grownups fall for this nonsense? A grownup is supposed to know a little history. Someone who knows a little history would know that climate is constantly changing. The ice age was not caused by humans. The warming trends were likewise not caused by humans. The likely causes? Solar cycles which we do not yet fully understand.

There is lots more to ask "where are the grownups?" about. More than half the electorate is screeching about why we are in Iraq. Um, the time to argue about why was in 2002. You know, when most of the electorate was screeching about why we weren't in Iraq. Ladies and gentlemen, the mistakes of 2002, 2003 and 2004 do not matter now. We are in Iraq. We seem to be finally winning. Well, as much as can be won over there, anyway. Perhaps there were lots of things we could have, or should have done. I believe there were several things we should have done, starting with doubling or tripling the size of our military forces. I believe that we should have taken the next step right after the invasion was over and the Saddam military forces were crushed, we should have gone into Syria or Iran or even Saudi Arabia. To me the whole idea of the focus of the Islamist evil is in one country is fatuous. And we know the Democrats will not let us solve the problem. So, the Democrats must be defeated. Yet no one ever tried. We have had entire departments of the executive branch of the government fighting the chief executive since January of 2001 and no one did anything. Where are the grownups?

There is a significant percentage of the billion and a half Muslims in this world who want to kill my grandchildren. Not only will more than half the government not fight them but no one even bothers to give us an honest count of the Muslims who want to kill us versus those who want to mind their own business. Where are the grownups?

So, our business and government "leaders" are playing childlike games but that isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is that far to many of us are letting them get away with it. And it isn't just business and government. The natural thing is that we spend our childhood and then we mostly get married. Sure there have always been a few old maids and lifelong bachelors, and a few same sex "friends" sharing a house but the vast majority got, and stayed, married. Now I look out and see troops of women that are full grown and single. Women who, in a sane world, would have had a lot of proposals. Explain to me why LaShawn Barber is single, or the lovely Baldilocks. The wise-ass Jooette, and, for the tall, Tammi? That's just a few I know through blogging, four nice looking, smart, courageous women who should have dates lined up through a week from three years from now. Where are the grownups?

There is something seriously wrong, folks. There are some grownups, our kids grew up and are all raising families of their own, too many aren't. Far too many are just going around doing what? How many black Americans are in jail on on probation or parole because of drugs? Meanwhile saying it's all a trap. Well, it's not a very good trap then, because there are more white people stepping in it, it's just that there are so many more of us. And yet what is happening to black women is happening to white women now, too. When I was of college age men outnumbered women is just about all colleges and universities. Now the opposite is true. Yet women refuse to marry below their education range. Even though a skilled machinist will outearn a middle manager and it takes more years for a skilled machinist to learn his trade than it takes to earn a BA.

Our social structure is falling apart and aged children are running far too much of America. I don't know what to do about it. Two thirds of the Dems in Congress and half the Republicans need a good spanking and to be sent to bed without supper. Hollywood needs a long timeout. Where are the grownups?

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