Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open MRI And Other Adventures

I drove to town and got my MRI today. I was lucky, I only had to drive to Rowlett instead of Dallas. I also needed some blood work for two other doctors, one was supposed to be fasting. The thing that really made me grumpy was that the two docs had me go to two different labs. The one blood test is a standing order from my cardiologist. The other from that dermatologist that is taking care of my juvenile acne. I, being sixty-one years old, am kinda tired of of it. I could have the knees or other joints of a teenager or another body part that should not be named in a family blog, no, I get the pimples. Anyhow I have a couple of months left on this med that is supposed to cure them forever. I had to sign an agreement to not donate blood or get pregnant and to report the desire to mass murder people. That is difficult given this coming election.

So anyhow I got an open MRI this time. Instead of putting me in a big white sewer pipe where JRR Tolkien's Dwarves stood outside and beat it with sledgehammers and pickaxes, it was a larger, more open area. The noises were not as loud, either. Of course it still took a long time, some forty minutes and, naturally, as soon as it started and I couldn't move, my nose started itching. The good news was I didn't have to beg for my choice of music. The last MRI I went through the person running the show acted put out when I told her I wasn't going to lay in that sewer pipe listening to rap.

So I finish my MRI and both lab offices are closed for lunch, since one of these blood tests is fasting I sit in the car, waiting. I got blood drawn, one stick in each arm, dropped the MRI films off at the Orthopod's and home I went. Of course, since the pain meds make me sleepy I was without those until I drove home. Fortunately I'm still tougher than woodpecker lips and only cried half the drive.

I got home, ready to eat the spills on the linoleum, made a couple of tuna sammiches and ate them with my favorite health food, Cheetos. I shared the sandwhiches with the Pugs. CAP was in the back yard and I didn't have the whatittook to take her a sammich butt. Then I took a pain pill and a nearly four hour nap.

Friday I go back to the Doc and we decide what to do with this shoulder. Here's hoping it only will take muscle relaxant. Tomorrow I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to stay home and cook liver and onions. Linda Lou hates liver and so I'm going to stink up the house and laugh. Actually I don't know that any smell of liver and onions will get past the noses of the dogs.

Every day a new adventure. Meanwhile Washington, DC is coming up with calling Polar Bears a threatened species, even though there are more Polar Bears than ever. Damned shame that nobody in the town cares about people.

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