Friday, May 30, 2008

Running As Fast As I Can To Stay In The Same Place

I'm running at full speed to stay in the same place. This is medical week. Yesterday my monthly bout with the dermatologist, only two more months of these mass murderer, I promise not to get pregnant pills.

Today was my last visit with the Doc that cut that skin cancer out of my face. He seems to be proud of himself, says my face is healing fine, all the cancer is out and so, until the next one, I'm done. I'm wearing my big hat outside.

Now I'm done 'til next week, two more Doc appointments, then a visit with my cardiologist. Maybe I should've died young and left a good lookin' corpse.

Sooner or later I'll post the pictures from Memorial Day, we had our twins in one house, plus their kids, plus more. Although I complain a lot about having to drive forever just to get to the store, and way past forever for anything else, our little house out in the country means we don't have kids all over, we go see them.

Anyhow, I won't be posting a lot for a while. I'm building up to this rotator cuff surgery, then I will have my right arm immobilized for some weeks.

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