Friday, October 12, 2012

Well Joe, You've Got The Hard Part Done, You've Got It Talked About.

 Last night's "debate" beminds me of back when I was in the Service. Some twerp would be loudly and profanely telling someone how he was going to kick his hiney and that some one would quietly say "you got the hard part done, you got it talked about". Oddly, that was often the end of it, although usually if it came to blows the loudmouth would lose. Of course it's also possible that Biden listened to Algore and decided that he would not fall prey to the high altitude so he sucked on a bottle of Nitrous Oxide thinking it was oxygen. It ain't like he's the brightest of all God's little door prizes. That's an explanation. Stupidity, poor manners and laughing gas. That's Joe!

 Meanwhile the Twitterverse is full of folks saying "If Romney wins imma gonna riot!" Um, go ahead. Citizens learned from the Rodney King riots. Unarmed people had their homes and businesses trashed and burned. Armed people did not have their homes and businesses trashed and burned. People like to claim that the big surge in gun buying happened during Clinton and then continued. Um, no, it's people folks learned from those riots. So, go ahead. Riot. Remember your buckshot proof BVDs.

 I do not really understand the hatred from the left.Biden made no coherent points, he just giggled and tried to bully. The "moderator" would not let Ryan complete a sentence. And the left is rejoicing. No one but diehard leftists thought Biden did anything. Meanwhile undecideds were repulsed. Do we really want a babbling bully a heartbeat away from the Presidency? I don't.  Biden bullying Ryan is a nonsequiter anyway. Biden depended on Ryan being the adult in the room. Had Ryan stooped to Biden's level Ryan would have turned Plugs upside down, put his feet in his armpits and ridden him like a pogo stick.

 This is the M.O. of the left. Their very lives depend on the decency of their victims. Trouble is, they're betting on a losing horse. They are now endangering our children and grandchildren.  There is a reason that the outlaws of the old west never managed to "tree a western town". It is our side that has the veterans. It is our side that has the working LEOs. It is our side that has the hunters. And they're trying to bully us. I'm asceered! Mommy! Yeah, right.

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pamibe said...

You make some excellent points!

Just read your post aloud to Arthur, who had just started telling me about the 'rioters'. His response: "Which ammo should we stock up on?" ;)