Thursday, October 04, 2012

Going To Be Out Of Pocket For A While

 I am going to be pretty much away from the Internet soon, over the next few days. I got this fancy (and expensive) new dish to pull the magical Internet from the sky. Well, somehow I've lost the ability to view any You tube or any clips from news sites or even

 and the clips and such are why I got the fancy new dish. So the guy from the company came out and said it's not the dish, it's something in my software. He said  it's like maybe I have too many choices to run them on and the poor computer can't figure out which one. So I've been taking programs out, so far no joy. I got it as far as taking Adobe out. So then I looked a a post at Pamibe's spot and it told me I had to Have Adobe so I clicked to download it and lo and behold it still says I have to download Adobe. Poo.

 So, anyhow I'm going to be fighting with this 'til I somehow get it right. Worse, the laptop won't start so I don't even have that during the fight.Foo.

 The good news is that Mitt won tonight. Can't wait to see how the MSM tries to spin this.

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pamibe said...

That sucks! But Mitt did win. He won BIG.

O'bummer's chair is now toothpicks.

Well, hope you get everything sorted out soon...