Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Primer And ammunition Prices To Rise At Month's End.

 I was reading around the various gun blogs the other day and saw where the price of primers are going up. And since primers are a vital part of centerfire cartridges, ammo prices will also increase. There are a whole slew of Federal agencies that have been granted no law enforcement powers by the United States Constitution buying bazillions of rounds of fighting ammo. This does make me wonder, just whom are they planning to fight.

 Still, the various ammo and component factories are already at full production. No one is willing to build a new plant until we get our politicians under control. If we can. So, no increase of production, increased demand equals rationing by price.

 So I get paid before the end of the month. I'm buying a mess of primers.I've got plenty of powder, a few hundred pounds of lead. Primers are the key part of a cartridge. The cases can be used multiple times, I have handgun cases I've loaded a dozen times. On or two max loads and then milder loads until the case mouth splits. And with a little care, that's a long time. 

 Powder prices will probably also increase but a big canister will last for a long time.

 I've mine the backstop for spent bullets and dropped them into the cold melting pot. When they finally melt the dirt and any copper jacketing floats to the top and is skimmed off. A fingernail sized lump of wax or bullet lube helps with that. The fluxing agent helps the tin in the bullet alloy stay mixed. Drop the fluxing agent in, stir well and then skim.

 Don't roll your own? Well, get ready for another shortage.

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pamibe said...

We're all wondering who they are going to fight...

I'd stock up, but that's Arthur's department.