Sunday, October 07, 2012

Believing Your Own Press Releases

 Well, here it is, Saturday and the Blogosphere is still afire with Wednesday's big debate debacle for Obama. I think I know why he failed so badly.

 To begin with, Obama is only moderately smart. Okay, he's not dumb as a post but he ain't near as smart as the lefty blowhard media types want to say. He's maybe got a 115 or 120 IQ and not much intellectual curiosity. What he does have is a certain facile charm and an ability to sound off with slogans. I seriously doubt that his personal library is as well stocked as my late mother and stepfather's who were a railway clerk and a railway trainman. Yet as I was growing up they took me to museums, zoos and other places where I was forced to see (and think about) something besides  what really interested a boy from the fifties and sixties.

 I always read about how they take their kids, Malaria and Squamous on big fancy vacations, do you ever read about them taking those girls to the Smithsonian? I do not believe either Barry or Mich' care about things outside their own comfort level. There is a phrase I remember from somewhere, I don't recall where. All I remember is that some famous guy was failing and one observer said "He (or she?) believes his own press releases. In other words, Obama has started (and I don't know how long ago) to believe his own hype. He thinks he is The Lightbringer. When actually everything he has promised has turned to sh, um, fertilizer. Obama is surrounded by people that actually believe communism would work, if only the right people (them) were in charge. People very much like them believed that if only Stalin knew... as the pistol bullet went into the back of their necks.

 Obama lives in a bubble of his own making. Inside that bubble they squawk about how much they care about the poor while they give half a billion dollars to Solyndra. They congratulate each other on their lack of racism while their policies have black unemployment at double white unemployment, and black youth has a rate of fifty percent.

 Later, after some sleep: So I flip to Ace of Spades and notice that there is a post about Romney not being qualified to be President because he is only worth 250 million..Others in the same line of work as Bain Capital are worth far more. Meanwhile the WaPo shows no interest in how Grubby Harry Reid is a multimillionaire with never had earned $200,000 a year on a government salary. Um, Wapo? Governor Romney built Bain Capital and then went into public service, just as that industry took off, big time. There is also the little matter of the charities. I would really like to know if there is even one active Democrat who has ever given so high a portion of his income to real charities. Well, Soros gives a bunch to "charities" like Media Mutters. How much of HIS income goes to heal the sick and comfort the really poor?

 Oh well, time for me to do something else. In a sane world there'd be a bounty on the big Dems. The big unions that help themselves at the expense of the workers and their businesses. Linda Lou was a member of one of the postal unions, never once did her union give a nickle to the political candidates she supported and her pension is peanuts. Of course she was only a Federal Employee and not civil service. Yet they had millions for lefty Dems.  Meanwhile the Teamsters support the Party that puts "bumps in the road" in front of those trying to make a living in trucks.

 Ah, a pox on all those national Dems.

 Meanwhile I have about given up on trying to fix this computer until my son in law and family come out sometime during the third weekend of the month. Maybe he can figure it out. As we can see, I can read and type here. I have put a DVD of a movie into the slot and up popped True Grit, the John Wayne one not that new one. I dug through a ton of stuff and found the big speakers that came with this computer for I had lost the sound, only to discover that I had the old speakers plugged into the wrong jack. Oh well, I through a bunch of old crap away and discovered most of a box of Federal Gold Medal Match .22 ammo. So not all was lost.
  So, anyhow the 'puter will play a DVD movie but won't play any vids off the net. Sigh.

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pamibe said...

Saw yet another story this morning about ghey little Barry and his beard, Moochelle. We all know he's fey, fer gosh sakes. That's not the issue, now is it?

Now he's thrown Kerry under the bus because that's who he mock-debated between rounds of golf.

Arthur went to the range with a couple of guys yesterday and I was going to say something about ammo but I lost it. Maybe I'll remember it later...