Sunday, September 23, 2012

Forty-Seven Percent For Mitt

 There is a whole lot of hooraw about Mitt Romney's talk about the 47% of people who get some form of government help. Well, my Linda Lou and I are both drawing social security now and it is the major part of our income. We are also on Medicare, of course and sometimes we must use the county's senior citizen bus service.

 Our individual pensions are small enough  that we no longer pay income tax, the main "tax" we pay today is the steady erosion of the dollars in our fixed income. The neighbor lady next door is in the same fix. The three of us would be proud to pay an income tax on our small incomes if only the damned government would stop inflating the currency so much that our planned retirement of genteel poverty became one of abject poverty.

 This is the reason that all three of us plan to pull the lever for the Romney-Ryan ticket. I may bee very wrong but I do not believe that Romney talking about how 47% don't pay income taxes is a gaffe. After all we payed a lot of taxes during our working lives. and had we been able to invest that percentage of our wages into something beside a politician's promise we would probably be a lot better off than we are today.

 I do not know that we will be better off under Romney/Ryan. I do know the crowd in Washington now is killing us.

 And the heroic watchdogs of the press are basking in the sun, thinking that Joe Biden is smart. And thinking that Obama has a plan to keep the Mideast from boiling over. God help us.

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pamibe said...

And how many years did you pay into SS so you could draw now? There's a difference between obama's welfare minions and people who are retired after working most of their lives.

God help us is right... November can't come soon enough.