Sunday, September 04, 2011

Water Does Not Flow Uphill

 Rick Perry is not pro-illegal immigration even if he's not in favor of a Great Wall of the Southern USA. He has no problem with fences along the border but we need to understand that we ain't gonna get a big wall. For one thing, a big wall would kill agriculture in south Texas and ranching in southwest Texas.

 You see the border with Mexico in Texas is along the Rio Grande. That, dear readers, is a river. You can't build a big wall along a river where everyone down there has their livestock drinking. Nor do irrigation ditches do real well going over walls. I think I remember something about water not flowing uphill real well. I do believe they used to teach that in schools.

 So, Perry wants to try something besides the big humongus wall that we flat ain't gonna get. Sure, we can build fences, even walls in places like San Diego, California and in the city limits of El Paso, Texas, places like that. Other places, well, how about we let the Border Patrol do their jobs? How about INS actually deport people? How about we fire immigration judges that forget who they work for? How about we fire the Homeland Security Director who does not know who she works for? How come I had to show a valid social security card in order to work when there are a bazillion illegals happily working? It's pretty easy to check legality these days, everything is computerised.

 Rick Perry want the federal government to lock up illegals until they're deported. He wants illegals to know that they actually can face prison time for, among other things, repeat border jumping. Perry is in some amount of trouble for saying out loud what we already know in our hearts. He says that if we did build a thirty foot high wall along the whole southern border it would just cause a big run on thirty foot ladders. He knows that there isn't a week that goes by without news of a border crossing tunnel bringing in drugs, illegals and other fun things.

 Nobody on our side is in favor of illegal immigration. The first thing to do is to get a government that obeys the law.

In more important news, here is a picture of Josiah and his Momma at his fifth birthday party.This party was held about a four day wagon trip if the creeks aren't over the fords. We forget how spoiled we are with the automobile and the paved roads. Anyhow the trip was only about an hour and a half and might have even been shorter if no for having to wander around a big mall looking for the place. This was some Pizza, game and noise palace I assume it is something like a Chuck E Cheese but I can't really say having never been in one of those. Thank you, Lord. Anyhow the first thing we did was to go up into the adults only room. This was not like the rooms in some of the seedier bookstores of, say, the 1980s but simply a room walled off from the bactieria gardens where the grownups could wait for the little party rooms to become available. Now these little party rooms are not the ones in those bookstores of old but simply rooms where twenty to, I dunno, maybe fifty kids and adults could sit and eat, open presents and have other, juvenile fun. So, anyhow, we waited for our room, then went down and ate some bad pizza and watched about twelve thousand kids in a small room. Then we drove home.

 Update, 1:45 AM, 9/5/11
This picture is Karson and Stephanie. I knew that. It goes to show that I should not ever touch a keyboard.


pamibe said...

It's like gun control; if we just let people enforce the laws we have already and export the illegals back to their country of origin, instead of gifting them with freaking college educations, etc...

Perry is a strong front runner and will stay that way unless Palin dives in... which will divide conservatives. For that reason alone I hope she sits this election out.

Sweet, sweet picture of Josiah and his Mom!!

pamibe said...

Oh, and I like your explanation of why a fence is illogical. :)