Monday, September 19, 2011


 We're finally getting a little rain, don't know that it's going to be enough to calm the fires down but I'll take whatever we can get. I'm sure it won't be enough to drop the burn ban but there is supposed to be a little more later in the week. Thank you, Lord.

 In other news there seems to be a flare up over some vile talk by Mike Tyson, a vile person. There seems to be two camps. One camp wants to spread the vileness because it is about Sarah Palin, the other wants it stopped because it is vile. And, yes, if Tyson had said what he did about any other woman i strongly suspect it would have been shunned. Had he said such things about Hilary Clinton, what would the reaction be?

 I have made at least one reader somewhat uncomfortable in my near constant refrain suggesting revolvers over autoloading pistols for defense. This reader had a revolver and now owns one of the better autoloaders but is somewhat nervous and kind of misses her revolver. Well, I miss every firearm I've ever traded or sold, except for that one Charter Arms Target Bulldog .44 Special that went BANG! sometimes and click other times.

 Make no mistake, one of the better of the bazillion self stuffers out there is fine for anyone who takes the trouble to learn their gun and practice with it until every control is ingrained. And THERE is the advantage to the double action revolver, there is only one control. Whereas each autoloader has several different control mechanisms. Every law enforcement agency I ever heard of had a huge uptick in negligent discharges when they switched to autos. And the odd  phenomenon of forty-fifty or even more rounds fired at one suspect, often with no hits or only one or two is a direct result of those autoloading pistols. These half trained jokers might not know what those funny shaped  widgets on the top of the gun are for but they durned well know what that little curved disgus at the bottom of the gun is for. Just a note to civilians: do not empty a fifteen round mag into one bad guy, or the empty space around him. The city and county fathers would rather spend any money for training on new offices for themselves so they have their lawyers defend what those same lawyers will try very hard to put you in jail for. (Boy, that's a long sentence, oh well, it's almost bedtime.

 Arr! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! I'm not sure of the exact etiquette of this momentous day but it ought to include something fun.

 Oh, and more importantly: Happy Birthday Michael and Stephanie!!!! Yes, our twins turned 35 today! So, now that you two are old enough and we can prove you are natural born citizens, which one of you will run for President? Here's my plan: I'll be your campaign manager. We'll collect a humongous campaign chest and then run...for the border. Except we'd never get away with it, both those kids are so honest and upright that they sleep standin' up.

 Oh well, happy birthday, kids we love you.

 Anyhow, we got a little rain.


pamibe said...

My sister-in-law reports that it rained in Houston last night as well. YAY! Hope it's the beginning of the end of the drought!

Kernut the Blond said...

We could sure use some rain here in St George, UT! Send it over here when you're done, ok? It's got to be upper 90's again today, and never gets cooler than 74 at night.

ARRRRGH I totally missed "Talk Like A Pirate" Day. Oh well, there's always next year.

And Happy Birthday to Michale and Stephanie!

heresolong said...

Pete, The trick is to never get rid of a gun, that way you can't miss it. I keep thinking about getting rid of some guns, but it always seems to be the ones that aren't really worth much that I think about getting rid of, then I decide "What's the point?"

Free advice: Pay yourself a hefty salary from the campaign warchest. Perfectly legal and you don't have to run for the border at all.