Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Sarah

 Okay, Sarah Palin had her big speech. She  wowed the crowd. Her supporters are all over the Intertoobz with how rousing the speech was. Undecided conservatives, not so much. Trouble with the speech is that there was nothing, again, about her plans for the 2012 election cycle and it's getting past time she decides and declares.

 I am a Sarah Palin fan, I think she did a fine job up in Alaska and if not for that strange quirk in Alaskan political law where anyone could file an ethics complaint and the Governor had to fight it on her own dime, with no help from a legal defense fund and no penalty for filing a frivolous complaint.. In any other state she would have been able to finish a term. I really love the way a bitter minority of lefty Dems came close to bankrupting her family and then got to sneer "quitter" at her.

 Having said I'm a Palin fan, more important, I'm an American and, I'd like to think I'm a patriot. We have an administration that through incompetence  or malice is destroying the country. Or perhaps I should say incompetence AND malice, seein' as how they can't even manage to promote a gun smuggling scam.without getting caught, The Democrats keep waving Nixon and Watergate at us, um, how many Mexicans and how many Border Patrolmen were killed during Watergate? Too bad we don't have a free press in this country.

 Anyhow, Sarah, the leader of this bunch of yahoos claims to already have ONE BILLION DOLLARS so that he can keep using Air Force One for his vacations. I do not think we'll be able to match that money.For all the talk about rich Republicans the big money people sure tend Democrat. Democrats love poor people, that's why their policies make so many. I digress, again. Anyhow, if we cannot match the Donks dollar for dollar we must do it with people.. And that's where you come in, Sarah. You've tens of thousands of loyal, articulate and committed supporters. I do believe that the Obamanauts will be tepid in their efforts, everything Obama promised to end, hasn't. Everything he's promised to fix has gotten worse. I am also convinced that the Arab Spring will blow up on him by the election.

 Sarah, we need those supporters of yours working in campaigns, now. If not in your campaign, in Perry's or Cain or SOMEBODY! Decide, Sarah. Either run or endorse. Or beg your supporters to sign on to congressional, Senate and state races for now and give us a date for a presidential decision.

 Sarah, you did a lot of good in a short time in Alaska. Until you were tapped by McCain for the Veep spot you were popular with everyone up there for redoing that big pipeline deal. You went after crooked Republicans as well as Donks, it's like you never were a part of the old boy network. Of course I figured that part out as soon as I first saw your picture. (I'm old, I ain't dead) While I'd love to see a Palin presidency and a Palin Justice Department going after all of those hogs that were first piglets when they got up to the public trough, I can understand if you don't wish to go through the wringer.And I won't blame you for wanting to spare your family.

 You, Sarah, I'm not afraid of. I believe that if you got into the race and found you were too far behind to win the nomination, you'd send your supporters toward the most conservative and patriotic Republican.. I further believe you would lead the mighty Palin Legion toward the 2012 election with the same spirit and joy you've shown since you burst on the national scene.  Sarah, we need that legion working now. If McCain hadn't bellyflopped in the late stages of the campaign you'd be ready to run for the Presidency from a nice Veep spot.. And I think you'd tie those jug ears in a knot if you had to debate him in '12.

 Please. Sarah, run or endorse.


pamibe said...

Much better said than my frustrated rant, though I agreed with pretty much every word. ;)

TomR said...

Agreed. Sarah has teased and waited too long. We already have a strong conservative candidate. If Sarah enters now she can only split the conservative vote and open the door for Romney Rino to win. Sarah should now back off entering and plan on endorsing the most conservative candidate. There is for sure a place(Cabinet post?) in a conservative administration for her.