Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten Years And Nothing Much To Say.

 I was sitting at my desk, as usual on the computer. I had not known of blogs yet, I read Drudge and otherwise I was mostly on various shooting bulletin boards. I was a co-moderator on one, of the handloading section. Linda Lou was sleeping still. Tuesdays were my day at the range so I was trying to do my little stint when someone posted something about an airplane hitting one of the Twin Towers. I wondered about it, thinking it was something like a small plane, after all, jetliners have too many systems to make sure they couldn't hit a big building.

 I turned on the teevee with the sound down so it wouldn't wake Linda Lou and continued my BB duties while keeping one eye on the teevee. The talking heads were yammering when, behind them on the monitors, the second plane went in.  That's when I knew. We were at war. Actually we'd been at war ever since the "students" took over our embassy and captured the people in Iran. That gelding Carter did nothing, of course. And when the bombings in Beirut killed our Marines (and those French soldiers), we still did nothing. There might have  been a reason for that, Reagen was busy pulling down the Soviets. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, though, there was no excuse for ignoring the fact that a fairly large percentage of the world's billion and a half Muslims want us dead.

 Here is the tragedy of this war, a far greater tragedy than the three thousand dead on 9/11/01, we still do not know how large a percentage. Someone in our laughably named "intelligence community" might know, for sure if they do know, they are bound not to tell us. Why? I dunno. Maybe it might upset someone. Who knows, it might scare us. After all, we are a bunch of hothouse flowers in the 21st Century. My father was allowed to know of the Rape of Nanking, where Japan let her soldiers run wild. Today we can't even see the footage of the men and women jumping from the floors above the fires on the Twin Towers.

 Our soldiers are frustrated, America does not seem to know we are at war with an implacable enemy.  Perhaps it's because we aren't reminded. When was the last time anyone saw the Arabs dancing in the streets in "Palestine"? They danced when the Towers fell. They dance when Arabs kill women and children in Israel. Yet our media doesn't show this. Why?

 Ten years ago I watched the Towers fall. I watched New Yorkers run, terrified. Today those same New Yorkers side against our ally, Israel. Even the Jews vote, overwhelmingly for Obama, the most anti-Israeli President since the gelding Carter. As a matter of fact he might beat the gelding Carter.

 I watched the Towers come down and then, as the teevee kept repeating the same things, over and over, I packed my stuff and went to the shooting range. And regretted that I was way too old to go back into uniform.


pamibe said...

I was talking to my sister in law on the phone, when she told me to turn on the tv... alone in Orlando, Arthur working in Miami.

I didn't know we were at war, but I do now.

Harvey said...

I stayed glued to Fox News for the next week straight. There was never anything new, but it's about all I had in me to do.