Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hooray, I Can Post!

 I have been stuck in Blogger Limbo, able to write posts and then, whenever I'd hit "POST" the thing would just kind of sit there like a Democrat with a Civil Service job. You didn't really miss too much, my grandson Josiah had his fifth birthday party, I had my 26th AA "birthday" and I requested that the eastern coast types send us some of that rain. Naturally they didn't, the ingrates.

 Anyhow, now that I have the use of this blog again I'll have a little something to say. Not in the next couple of days but after I get done with this bunch of doctor visits. Had one in North Dallas for Linda Lou with the guy that did the surgery fixing her ankle and tomorrow I have my heart doctor in the same hospital complex, Medical City, Dallas.  First class place and first class docs, they sure are a long ways off, though.

 Thanks to Pamibe for showing me how to (sort of) get this blog off the sideline. I wonder if anybody much cares as seldom as I've been posting.

 More over the weekend, unless I spend all my time on or something. Hmm, wonder if'n that's a real url?


pamibe said...

Welcome back and happy birthday to you both! :D

I betcha that's a real link but I'm not going to click it... ;)

heresolong said...

Good to see you back. The nature of blogs is, imo, that if someone doesn't post for a while it's because they have nothing interesting to say or they went on vacation (real vacations where you don't take your computer and obsessively stop at internet cafe's to post on your blog). Anyway, looking forward to catching up.

Harvey said...

Peter - you'll be glad to know it exists and the content is about what you'd figure, but it ends in .net, not .org