Sunday, September 04, 2011

What Happened To My Blogroll?

 The dog ate my blogroll, Well, that's one excuse. If I were a Donk I could blame George W. Bush or the Koch brothers. It's Dick Cheney! He's got my blogroll tied to a chair and is torturing it! Oh NOES!!!!111!!!

 I dunno, really, my last post was dark blue lettering on a dark brown background for some really odd reason. So I thought I was following the directions and ended up with my blog with no left sidebar and the blogroll gone. So, I followed more directions (I thought) and now I have two sidebars but no blogroll.  I really blame a combination of my lack of computer savvy and this new function of Blogger that I must use to post anything.

 In other news I have a couple more pics  here of the birthday boy and a small fraction of the 827,462 children that were in that little room with us. I have more pictures but it takes a while to move them from there to here and then download and upload.

1 comment:

pamibe said...

Nope; Cheney's on a book tour and could not possibly have waterboarded your links. ;)

Cute! At least it wasn't at Chuck E Cheese. I hate those places.