Sunday, January 09, 2011

Nutcase Control Is What We Need.

In the wake of the murder of Federal Judge John Roll , nine year old Christina Taylor Green and four others, plus the attempted muder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a slew of others in Tuscon yesterday had little to do with guns. Yes, a gun was used and if only the nutcase had been limited to a knife the death toll would had been lower. Of course if the nutcase had used any of the dozens of easily followed explosive recipes available, the carnage could have been higher.

Now I am pretty solidly in the "against" column when it comes to shooting my political opponents. I will admit that there are more than a few who, if they should die of natural causes, I would joyously pee on their graves but actively killing them? Nope. That will have to wait until (and if) things get so bad it calls for rope and lamp posts. There are only a few that I wouldn't put a little something in my hands to help defend.

The trouble is that since the '70s, when a group of Federal Judges emptied out the insane asylums in the USA, we have been overrun by loonies. I'm sorry but I do not care about being politically correct. (Politically correct according to whom? Who gave that bunch the right to diced?) I will ignore the question of exactly when the Constitution was amended to give Federal Judges the right to decide the Nation's mental health policies for now. The Judges said let them out and into the (nonexistent) community bases programs.

Well, Congress was supposed (according to those judges) to put out some multiple of billion dollars to make those group homes, but didn't. Since no matter how hard they try, the judges cannot make the Congress spend money, they didn't. This led to our cities being inundated with random nutcases of all types.

A whole lot of folks have died over the decades since the Judges, in their exalted wisdom, emptied the asylums. Perhaps now, with a Congresswoman shot through the head and a Federal Judge killed, the powers that be can finally figure out that our cities should not, in fact, be crawling with nutcases.

I have called this shooter a nutcase. I may be wrong. Anyone who shoots a beautiful little girl like Christina Green may well not be a nutcase but, instead, be cursed with Demonic Possession.

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