Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Whole Polical Party In Charge Of Making The State Of The Union Worse.

I sure wish the constitutional requirement that the President make Congress aware of the state of the Union was still done as it was for the first hundred or so years of the Republic. The President would send a written letter to Congress. There is no guarantee but there is a chance there would be a little less horsesh, um, fertilizer involved.

I would like to propose a simple Constitutional Amendment. No elected official shall be allowed on television. Any messages must be delivered in writing by fax or e-mail to all known media outlets in the area of that government official's district.

That way we could all know about something important like if they declare war. Otherwise, how about if they want to be TV stars they go out to Hollywood.

I confess, I did not watch the speech, nor the response. I did not need to. I drive around, I see the vacant buildings where there used to be businesses. I see the vacant homes. I buy groceries, including cheaper and cheaper cuts of meat. It wasn't very long ago that my pension would buy me a couple-three nice thick porterhouse steaks a month as well as some of those thick cut pork chops. I do not need some idiot politicians telling me what a great job they are doing.

Hey, politicians! Maybe if you idiots stop subsidising ethanol poor folks could buy food. Oh and if you stop with the sugar tariffs we wouldn't have corn syrup in everything, speaking of why folks are fatter and more diabetic. I swear, it's almost impossible to buy, say canned fruit, that doesn't have corn syrup. Remember when it had sugar instead and we didn't need "relaxed fit" jeans by age thirty-five?

I don't know what we can do short of adding a "canning party to the TEA Party. We consumers will never be able to match the political donations of, say, Archer-Daniels. What we could do is pick a couple of things every election , early in the cycle and let concresscritters know that a vote for means we vote against. Why does a can of pears contain no sugar but both high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup? I realize that sugar helps keep bacteria from growing, Granny taught me that when she canned peaches and pears, cherries and grapes. She got her sugar from sugar, though. Meanwhile the price of meat is going through the roof because the corn that would be fed to steers is going into gas tanks. And folks screech about how the underground aquifers are going dry while no one talks about how much water it takes to make a gallon of ethanol.

Meanwhile the left is up in arms because Glen Beck is quoting some old lefty accurately. Um, Plivens, perhaps if you would not call for Greek style riots, you know, the ones where people were killed by molotov cocktails, Beck would not put your idiocies up on his chalkboard. This may seem strange to the left but the most of us do not want to be burnt up in riots. The left does not understand this, and they really don't understand why the ordinary citizens around have all the guns. How un-European!

Another visit to another doctor for Linda Lou today. This one up in a town called Addison. Addison is due north of central Dallas. We live a little north of due east of central Dallas. About sixty miles or so. I remember Addison from back in the mid '70s. The main thing back then was an airport for general aviation. Other than that there were a couple of factories and not much else. I remember there was a die casting plant where folks would make cast parts of zinc and aluminum. A few law enforcement agencies would throw their confiscated dope in the aluminum furnace. Wasn't nothin' left of it after than, molten aluminum is hot! Other than that, Addison had empty fields where the folks hunted birds. Not today. Buildings cheek by jowl. A lot of them up for rent, for some strange reason.

Anyhow, they changed Linda Lou's antibiotic because it was making her sick. I really wonder just how many doctors there are between our place outside of Dogpatch and Addison, particularly with gas fast approaching $3.00. I sometimes wonder just how long it is going to take this far-flung and ever increasing tribe of medics to manage a simple little thing like repair a couple of broken bones. It ain't rocket surgery. Place the bone ends together. Hold them in place. let them knit together. Eleven months and counting. Meanwhile, of all of the legions of medics involved, only one is into bone repair. All the rest seem to be in charge of mopping up the mistakes of the others. Sigh.

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