Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt, A Tale Of Missed Opportunities.

We missed a lot of chances to have an actual representative republic in Egypt, starting back when Ike was President. Our best chance, of course, was back when we took Iraq with our most powerful Division stuck on the boats because of Turkish intransigence.

I am still convinced that once our guys took Baghdad, again with our most powerful single Division still on the sideline, we had a very tough spearhead poised to pierce any country in the area. To the heart of Muslim unrest? There was Iran. The "Intelligence" Agencies we pay billions for could probably tell us where to put each cruise missile to kill the Mad Mullahs and Imadinnerjacket, that little sawed off punk that loves to run his mouth. The sat. intel can tell us where every tank in their inventory is. Why is it that we didn't end that regime while we had the troops and air right there?

Or, perhaps we might have gone the other way and ended the funny idea of the House of Saud. Every Wahhabi teaching comes from there. We could have ended that nightmare in a matter of minutes with our Air Forces.

I am absolutely convinced that was the plan, put the most potent fighting force in the world right in the middle of Islam's madness and carve out the real madmen. Not so much the guys who strap on the Semtex overcoats but those who train and send them. We had the men and machines there, and the ruthless men to control them, Bush, Cheney (Happy birthday, Dick!) and Rumsfeld. Somehow, though, on the edge of victory, we lost our nerve. I suspect that Democrats had much to do with that.

So, now Egypt is probably going under. Would the Muslim Brotherhood still exist without the Mad Mullahs and the Wahhabi types? Iran's flag will fly a little higher, the house of Saud's a little lower. The folks running the countries outside the Mideast will be figuring on what happens to the Suez Canal and what happens to oil prices.

The chowderheads running the USA are going to be wondering what happens to the mostly service troops still in Iraq. meanwhile our Infantry, Armor and Artillery are off in a landlocked country with no convenient way to the sea. The country the supplies must come through is a nuclear armed hotbed of madmen.

Okay, we can fly our troops out of both those places but the equipment? It's bad enough that we have overused and under-replaced our equipment since about 2006 when the Donks took over the purse strings, how long will it take to replace the gear if the supply lines through Pakistan close? And this is what we are facing right now, the Muslim world is seeing an essential weakness in the leader of the west. The Muslim world is reacting.

Thank the Lord Israel has her nukes, she may well need them.

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