Friday, January 21, 2011

Scraps Of Not Much

Well, Linda Lou is getting a bit more confident getting in and out of the house, as long as the deck is dry. The visit with the Orthopedic Surgeon did not go as well as we would have liked, still no weight bearing on that foot. No weight until the wound on the bottom of her foot heals which may bring us into next year. The small wound on the top of her foot is healing nicely, the bottom, not so. The wound on the bottom of her foot is the one where the rod started coming out, which started this last round. So, the surgeon took that rod out and then, opened that wound up again after the last round of antibiotics and in went the next (we hope last) rod. So, now we wait. I'm pretty sure Linda Lou likes getting waited on hand and foot (especially foot!) but it's kind of a pain.

Bingo T. Pug is especially clingy since Linda Lou came home. I shall not mention that it's not easy to type with a Pug on my lap. The home care nurses are nice, they're coming by every day to change the dressing on Linda Lou's foot. Next week I think it's gonna be on me over the weekend.

That is some grisly news from the northeast, delivering live babies and "snipping" their spines with scissors. Not to mention the filth, the unlicensed people doing medical work, the various inspectors ignoring all of that. It's not really surprising, though. Once we lose sight of the simple fact that life is a gift from God, all sorts of monstrous things become possible. Not only did they not care about the babies, mothers died. Oh well, life is cheap there. Exactly what is the real difference between Jared Loughner and everyone who ran and enabled that "clinic"? Except that "clinic" ran up a bigger score.

I'm wondering why the civil rights crowd does not join us "Christianists" on this? All those minority women permanently harmed and not a peep out of the NAA(L)CP. Too bad we don't have a news media anymore. Seems there should be more than a few questions. Instead we get "it's not about abortion!!!!111!!!" from them. Excuse me for bein' a pore dumb redneck but if it happened in an abortion "clinic", by an abortion "doctor" and it was supposed to be supervised by the Board of Medical Inspectors, what is it about? What is it about the "news media"? Let's see, Major Hasan slaughters a slew of unarmed soldiers and the call goes out "don't jump to conclusions!" Loughner slaughters a bunch of people at an open air political rally and the call goes out "it's because of right wing hate speech". Now this and "it's not about abortion!" Marge Sanger would be proud. Not only are they slaughtering black babies, they are even killing some of the mothers and rendering others sterile for life. I swear, the modern Democratic Party beats the foo out of the Klu Klux Klan at it's most powerful. Of course, back then the KKK was simply the armed forces of the Donks. Today the blacks kill themselves. Sigh. Those who decry this are called racists in the upside down world we live in.

I wonder just how much of the "conservatives against Palin" movement out there is because of the way Palin attacked crooked Republicans, as well as Democrats. Just how much of the Palin hatred is because she just doesn't tolerate crooks. It's easy to dress this up in fancy language, but I bet there is a lot of fear in there. Among the bloggers and pundits, how much of the 'I'm not crooked but who knows what corners *my* favorite guy has cut?" is out there?

There is some question among the right about how come the left has such contempt for Palin, but only among those who do not recall the contempt with which the left had for Jerry Ford, George HW Bush, George W Bush, etc. Contempt, it's what the left does. See the abortion mill above.

I would have been more into the Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged crowd if it had not been for Eddie Willers. Remember Eddie? He was the main assistant to Dagny Taggert. While not quite bright enough to be a hero of the story, he was a staunch and steady subordinate. Maybe he couldn't think of the best solution, when told how to work that solution, there he was, giving his all. Remember the end of Taggert Transcontinental? The train stopped and Eddie, the faithful, left alone. Want to know why I'm not a Randian? It's right there. No loyalty down. Eddy would have stopped a bullet for Dagny, yet she abandoned him. Somehow this fits with that Gosnell story.

Well, back to waiting on Linda Lou.

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Anonymous said...

It's apparent that you are an intelligent individual, so it pains me that you have misrepresented the meaning and context of Eddie Willer's fate. Eddie is Dagny Taggart's childhood friend who, as and adult, becomes her assistant. He possesses a dogged loyalty to a woman upon whom he is utterly dependent, intellectually and materially. His dependence on, his need for, his devotion to, Dagny does not imply a corresponding obligation on her part to abandon her rational, independently arrived at values to serve as the means of his survival. Saving the world and the man she quite properly loves romantically takes precedence over providing direction to a man who has defaulted on the obligation, he owes himself, to think and take responsibility for his choices and actions. Eddie Willers is the everyman who admires men of ability, but chooses to imagine that they will always exist and be available to him as a substitute for his own rational, independent cognition. When the fact that he has no moral or existential claim or hold over them manifests he is lost.

Two anecdotal asides: When the Marquis de Lafayette was paralyzed during the early days of the French Revolution he is supposed to have been seeking to imagine what George Washington, his mentor, would have done in his place. He failed to act decisively and the Terror followed. When Sarah Palin said that Ronald Reagan is not coming back, but an army of Davids must rise to replace him, she is consciously or not, implying the principle Ayn Rand is presenting fictionally. You may not be a Dagny Taggart, a John Galt, or a Ronald Reagan, but that will not save you from the consequences of failing to think and act within the scope of your actual abilities.