Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haven't Been Posting, Here's Why

I haven't written anything here in a while. I have a choice, being somewhat functional and in a whole lot of pain or being stupid from the pain pills. I am on a somewhat self limitation of taking the Tramadol only three times a day, I really do not wish to be strung out on these. So they wear off and I sit around moaning. Stupid Shingles.

It's hard to explain the pain. It's kind of like being stabbed, first in one spot, then in another, but not really. It's kind of like the worst toothache ever, first in one spot, then in another., but not really. It's kind of like a hot coal, first in one spot, then another, again, not really. If one can imagine a combination of those things, that's Shingles.

Meanwhile, Linda Lou is in yet another hospital, this one 'way up in Allen, Texas. Each hospital is further north than the last. I wonder are they trying to get my Kansas girl back home? Anyhow, this hospital specializes in rehab. She's supposed to be there about three weeks and then, I hope, home. Thing is, the surgeon who did this work does not want her to put any weight on that leg for six weeks after the surgery. That should be very close to the end of those three weeks. So, she's supposed to re-learn how to walk at this hospital but can't put any weight on that leg. Somehow I suspect that there will be still more hospital.

Lastly, Bingo T. Pug is all up to date with his shots and meds. Next comes Cochise' Apache Princess. Unless I find that new home for her. Trouble is, I cannot take her anywhere without having Linda Lou to drive. Oh well, this gives us a little time to pay down Care Credit a tad.

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