Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Sheriff Dupnik

I am really wondering about those five times police were called because of Loughner's increasingly bizarre behavior at that community college. So far, all we are hearing from Clarence Dupnik, the chief law enforcement officer of Pima County has not said much except that somehow the Right and the immigration battle is responsible for this shooting.

It would be nice to know if, during any of those five times police were called to the campus to deal with Loughner, they ever took him to jail. If not, why not? Officers are not Psych experts, they are trained to notice gross mental problems. So, if they never took him to jail, doesn't that count as negligence?

If they did take him to jail, why didn't they ever take him for a Psych Evaluation? Had they taken him he should have been committed. If he had been committed he would not have been able to legally buy that Glock. It's also likely that if he had been committed her would not have been able to buy one outside the law. Few criminals want to get caught and so would not deal with a guy babbling irrationally.

Clarence, I know that the actual law enforcement side of your department is run by your Chief Deputy while you take care of the budget and the politics. Still, instead of looing so far afield, shouldn't you be looking just a little closer to home on this? Or, Clarence, are you making all this noise to deflect attention from your baliwick?

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