Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, the Tea Party Is Racist?

The National Association for the Advancement of (liberal) Colored People has declared the Tea Parties racist. All of them? Including the Tea Party events that have wildly applauded certain Tea Party types with dark skin?

Meanwhile the NAA(l)CP had decided that Kenneth Gladney isn't black enough for their support. Or something.

So, let me get this straight in my poor old probably racist head. The NAA(l)CP had, as a keynote speaker, a woman whose job, before she became First Lady was to steer poor, uninsured and mostly minority patients away from her hospital. That, according to the left, is promoting minority well being. Yet the NAA(l)CP habitually promotes programs that harm poor Americans, including, perhaps especially black Americans.

I am not as young as many. One of the things I remember is the struggle during the mid to late 1960s of getting black Americans into the building trades. Today you can drive by any construction site, if you can find any, and not see a single black face. Why? Illegal immigrants. The Democrats champion illegal immigrants, so does the NAA(l)CP. They do not say how this helps black Americans. They merely say that to question this is racist.

Look, we know that no one in the Tea Party movement is perfect. We cannot walk on water. The Tea Party movement is not about making the country better for white folks or black or brown, but better for all folks. We cannot walk on water, we merely do not wish to live in the mud.

The Tea Party movement believes that everyone in the country is better off when there are jobs to be had. We believe the country is better off when the laws are the same for everyone, and there aren't so many laws that everyone is a criminal, unaware. We believe that people should be protected from criminals, yet stupid behavior should hurt. We believe that if the management of a company should run it into the ground, bankruptcy should follow, with the normal and lawful creditors having first chance at the pickings. No more of this business with going over the heads of bondholders and giving the carcass to the unions. Many ordinary people held pieces of those bonds in their retirement accounts and who is to say that the unions will suddenly lead Chrysler to solvency?

I happen to believe that the Tea Party movement is better for the health of poor Americans than the NAA(L)CP. I further challenge anyone, black, white, brown or some other odd shade that denotes a human skin, to go to the next Tea Party event. Just go, bring a big bottle of tea or water, they tend to have these events in warm weather. Don't come looking for a fight, come looking for a friend. I promise, no matter the shade of your skin, if you act friendly at all, you will find friends. You will find people who wants you to live better because the people at the Tea Parties want all of us to like better.

Meanwhile, everyone the NAA(L)CP supports wants the poor to live just a little poorer, the middle class to disappear and the rich to grow richer. they may not say this but look at the results of their policies.

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