Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Hoo-Rah From Breitbart And Jounolist

Before I get into Journolist and Breitbart, it seems that the National Enquirer has found two more women complaining about Algore and his Second Chakra. When I was a kid regular newspapers had news and the supermarket tabloids had fluff. Now it's the opposite. I reckon the Enquirer staff didn't go to Columbia School of Journalism.

The left is still doing it's best to make the Breitbart revelations all about this Sherrod woman, still. Unfortunately some on the right are jumping on that bandwagon. Let me repeat, it's not about Sherrod. I would suspect that Breitbart has some other tapes, with other people speaking at various NAA(L)CP functions. Suppose he has something like the NAA(L)CP wildly applauding Cynthia McKinny in one of her delusional diatribes against the Jooos!!!!111!!!!11 Should we then cry tears the size of horse droppings that she lost her job in Congress?

Anyhow, don't bet against Breirtbart, he's done this before and every time the left thought they'd finished him, up would pop another tape.

Meanwhile we read that the Journalists on Journolist want to shove conservative faces through plate glass windows. Not to be outdone, another wants to throw Michael Ledeen through a plate glass window. Please remember, these are the people fretting that the Tea Party types might get violent. Also remember that these are the people without a single callous on their hands.

This lefty bunch does not seem to really understand violence. They think they can casually wish it on anyone who dares disagree with them, not realizing how really ugly violence can be. Nor, it seems, do they realize that violence goes both ways.

We in the uneducated, NASCAR loving crowd are usually very careful about violence. We know, where the Journolist crowd doesn't seem to, when you open the door to violence you have no right to complain about what walks in.

There seems to be a new Listserve outfit already to replace Journolist. Fine. Have fun. Just remember a few things. First, the papers and TV stations, etc, you work for cannot stay in business insulting more than half the country.

Second, the reason people buy newspapers or watch news shows is to find out what is going on in the world. Once people find out you are hiding the whole story about anything, anything at all, they will have trouble believing you about anything, anything at all.

Third, about that violence you are so quick to throw out. Um, which side has all the guns? Which side sends their sons and daughters into the Armed Services? I would like to ask if you are sure, really sure, you want to ante up in this game?

Update: Speaking of these people on Journolist being flat out dimbulbs, how about that law professor who thinks that networks have licenses? Sorry, law prof, radio and TV stations have broadcast licenses, there is not, nor has there ever been a license to be a network. Idiot.

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