Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Surprise Visit

We got a surprise yesterday, an old friend from my teenage and even preteen years was driving through and called. Mario was a casual friend from grade school, it wasn't until Jr. High (now called Middle School for some odd reason) that we really formed a bond.

We lost track of each other about in our mid twenties and we hadn't seen each other until after my mother died. At any rate he was driving from Vicksburg on his way home to the Sacramento area of California and stopped to visit and make use of our air conditioned couch rather than sleep in his van in the north Texas summer.

The visit was far too short, although just seeing my old pal may have made me feel I was 16 again, we couldn't stay up like we used to. So, I fed us some of the Pioneer Woman's comfort meatballs over garlic-cheddar mashed potatoes and we talked until we retired early at about two AM. The days of driving all day after thirty minutes of sleep seem to be over.

It's kind of strange, I turned out the way I did, Mario is a semi-heavy in Peace Action and gets disturbed when I casually mention that the greatest guarantee of a peaceful world is a strong United States military. Oh well. For a peacenik, my old pal still loves his guns so I sent him away with a hundred and six rounds of .357 ammo. He has a Brazilian Taurus copy of the S&W Model 19.

Then it was daylight and after a few minutes of being in a total daze (instead of my normal semi-daze) I fixed a couple of "cans" of Pillsberry Honey Butter biscuits and then, after a cup of coffee, filling of his road cup, my boyhood friend was gone. For a little bit I was sixteen again.

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